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Grocery List 45 // Wit & VinegarIt’s currently the season of sweaty balls in Southern California right now so I’m imaging I’m still in that instagram with very short trunks and all the ceviche and a big ass michelada. Not that daiquiri though, that shit was nasty.

It’s starting to cool down but not enough for all the basics that have got their pumpkin spice lattes in hand, hashtagged on instagram and shit. My only wish is that someone comes and smacks it out of their hand and tells them to just say no. Too soon for that baby girl.

It might be really hot right now, but I’d turn the oven on for this vegetable loverz pizza except it would be meat lovers.

I guess I could also turn it on for these crazy pink beet and feta biscuits like whoa. You guys Megan is queen of pink bread.

Cindy has instant chill with these sour cherry italian cream sodas.

Also cute bois Matt and Beau have more chill with rosemary greyhounds.

I bet if I drank a lot of chocolate I would get sick. I also bet the opposite with Alana’s hot chocolate madeleines.

I luv doughnuts, I luv deep fried shit, I would luv these sweet potato fritters from Sarah.

I would make out for this corn chowder salad even if you didn’t pay me.

Here’s a not secret: I love mint with my tequila. Jessica knows what’s up.

Apple Jacks Cereal Milk Ice Cream Sandwiches becuz DREAMS DO COME TRU.

I’ve been known to really mess up a chicken rice casserole situation and by mess up I mean eat it all by myself.

These little mini baby pizzas from Stephanie are great because that means they’re basically a health food.

These blueberry pancakes are famous but I haven’t heard of them because they aren’t a housewife or a drag queen ūüôĀ

And last but not least are these sesame peanut bars that I would gladly eat an entire pan of and they take v little time which is perfect because I’m a girl on the move.

For music this week we just need to take a second and talk about Carlie Rae Jepsen because I don’t know where she came from (I mean I do but you know)¬†but her album has been on repeat all week. Specifically this gem where there’s a lot of spinning and running which leads to me spinning and running and scaring the dogs.



It’s actually just a light re-do to hold me over until I really want to get into it. Think of it as lipgloss and mascara, enough to make me look awake. Also there’s still some kinks so don’t try and click on my actual face because it probably wont go anywhere. Things were just getting so stale and I don’t like stale¬†plus popsicle week is next week (!!!!!!) and I need to put pants on when company comes over.

This year is going to be even bigger than last year (65+ recipes) so your freezer shall never be empty. Also if you’re a blogger waiting for the second email it’s being sent today. Prepare your bodies, ring the alarm.

I don’t really ahve any plans for this weekend except for plan out popsicle week and actually shoot my ‘sicles soooo I can probably make like a quarter of these, but idk don’t hold me to that.

Coming in strong with drinks is Adrianna and these plum shandies. That’s actually my veiny handiwork in those photos so that means I definitely drank at least one of those glasses. They’re extremely good.

I have yet to let my body experience pimiento cheese for no reason other than the fact that I’m afraid I would eat an entire batch with a loaf of bread, #breadtomouth. Molly mayyy have just pushed me over the edge.

Sarah says we have to eat sundaes because it’s the weekend and I’m like yeah, okay, let’s not fight about it. (ALSO PEANUT BUTTER CARAMEL)

I secretly really love buckles because it’s basically cake that I think is healthy because there’s fruit on top. It’s science. Cindy probably know what I’m talking about with this cherry almond buckle.

The other day Steve mentioned he wanted to try cooking tofu and I said who are you what have you done with Steve tofu is not meat. If he is being serious then this tofu bahn mi from Megan might be a nice gateway.

I’m big on lime tarts so the boys at Probably This made me a thai inspired one! jk they didn’t know they made it for me but I’m still going to eat all of it.

Then I’ll wash it down with several of these watermelon slushies. But seriously I have a watermelon in my fridge right now that’s pretty much asking for this future.

Ceviche is my number one summer food craving because I can just lay out in the sun and eat a giant bowl and think it doesn’t have any calories. I like to think this shrimp cucumber salad from Sydney is like maybe a second cousin.

I’ve been craving shortcakes like crazy and these olive oil bebes smothered in whipped cream and sour cherries from Sarah sound crazy good.

Every day is taco tuesday in my house so obviously I need these roasted corn and crispy prosciutto cuties from Rachel and Lucy.

I despise frying but I love crsipy chicken wings and Stephanie has answered my prayers with spicy Thai oven fried chicken wings to eat with my thai lime pie.

I don’t really like the kombucha but I know my sister loves it. I think christmas will be a kit and a link to Tracy’s how to. I’m still intrigued/very scared by that scoby creature.

MORE SLUSHIES 4EVR, with Gab and his young coconut and dark chocolate slushie that’s just saying hey you,¬†raspberry liqueur me.

Last but def not least is Erika with a very large plate of potato salad that I want all to myself. I am ashamed I’ve never put arugula in my potato salad now.

Music this week is the not super new Florence and the Machine that I’m still trying to get acquainted with, but it’s okay we keep going out and hitting it off. I actually haven’t watched this video but maybe there will be boobs.




Happy almost 4th of July!!

Land of the free, home of all the foodz.

We’re headed to a BBQ tomorrow at a friends house with the dogs so my to-do list looks like this:

All of those are v important, v patriotic. But of course I had to throw together all the greatness that’s #blessed the internet this week for your BBQ extravaganza.

From my archives: I have the blackberry pie bars, made with blueberries because Sprouts was basically giving them away, the agua fresca from Monday would be awesome for a crowd, this raspberry fluff because everyone loves a giant pink cloud on fireworks day, roasted strawberry lemonade to impress everyone, and this potato salad from 5 years (!!) ago when nobody read the blog.¬†Let’s pretend the pictures are still there!

From everyone else on the internet:

Adrianna has us covered on two bases: everything hamburger bunz and classic cherry pie because patriotism.

Can you bring doughnuts to a BBQ? yes? cool. Joy made some bebe peanut butter chocolate ones that I would like to casually smash into my face.

Sydney thinks she’s cool (she is) with her own round-up of goodness.

Blueberry Key Lime Cheesecake Tart from Emily because you need to impress everyone before the fireworks.

Cindy made agua fresca too! Dark cherry because cool dude wearing sunglasses emoji.

These chocolate chip cookies are one of my favorites from Megan’s archive that I’ve actually taken to a BBQ before with nothing short of stellar reviews.

The Honestly Yum kewl dudes went and casually knocked it out of the park with blueberry pie ice cream sandwiches.

MORE BLUEBERRIES with Blueberry Bourbon Basil Smash from da boys over at Probably This for your 4th of July wasted look.

Of course we need burgers so Brandon made everyone Basil Turkey Burgers with fresh ground turkey thighs because he is very smart and knows what he’s doing.

Sarah has this insane looking s’mores crackle cake that I would secretly steal and eat myself if I saw it at a BBQ.

MORE PIE. ALWAYZ. Peach Purple Basil Hand Pies from Phillip bring all the boys to the yard.

AND if you’re a purist that needs their flag shaped something, Alana has you covered with a Coconut Pudding Flag Tart, and Stephanie has red, white, and blue mini pavlovas¬†so you can be America 4evr,

For music this week, we’ve got a jam Megan tweeted at me for our much needed baking dance party. It would also be super super great for your 4th of July partay or the no pants party you have afterwards with only your dogs.



Like I mentioned on Monday’s post, the book is dunzo. Literally the happiest I’ve been in a while and I feel super weird now, it’s legit been a few¬†months since I haven’t had something on my to do list so I spent at least one day this week laying on the couch watching hgtv (seriously how is it so addicting). The other days were spent recipe testing for the blog and actually getting to cook things for the sake of just getting to cook things. I luh dat feeling.

This is one of those weekends where things I write on this list might actually happen. I think the only thing I have¬†to do this weekend is¬†make the drive to get my eyebrows threaded because we moved a couple months ago and these caterpillars will soon be butterflies and I don’t know if I trust anyone else. Perfectly manicured can quickly¬†turn into constantly surprised with one too many pulls¬†and that’s something I don’t want in my life right now.

With the whole rest of the time though I have like a thousand possibilities:

First up is homemade cream cheese from Adrianna. It’s part cream, part milk, part magic, etc and it’s crazy dreamy. I just happened to be there when it happened and I might have¬†taken a potato chip and had my way with it.

V cute Matt & Beau have a drink that involves tequila so I’m sold. Also there’s cantaloupe but seriously tequila and some sort of mixer and I’m like hai summerr.

Also v cute: Graham went blueberry picking in overalls and made me a blueberry & blonde chocolate crostata.

mild side note: I’m v happy about the growing gay male food blogger circle of life.

this kind of happened a while ago, but Stephanie made Vietnamese braised beef tacos and that first image literally gives me life.

Molly made egg salad, with her own, like completely whisked that shit by hand, sriracha mayo. I fucking love egg salad when it’s made properly so the casual addition of homemade sriracha mayo turns me on just a little bit more.

Popsicle week is just a few weeks away (sending out the email today!!) and¬†Cindy is pregaming with these roasted apricot and vanilla cr√©me fra√ģche pops that are so insanely beautiful I might not want to eat them? HAAAA NOT <– Borat impression.

Erika is serious in the biscuit business with corn milk biscuits that I want so bad right now with some honey butter, just like, a dozen of that. I’m going to hunt down White Lily flour in Southern California.

I’m very into pretending snacks are meals as of late so it’s really no shock that I want an entire¬†platter of these fava and radish toasts from the newly redesigned Dinner Was Delicious. Can I just pause for a sec and make the you are my fava-rite joke? no? kcool moving on.

Sydney shoved m&m’s and sprinkles into a cookie and they look like they need me to eat an entire batch by myself.

Carrying the end of the list of things I want to make this weekend is Izy with some insanely good looking Wild Blueberry  & Coconut Ricotta Doughnuts. I hate the task of deep frying anything but I would definitely get over all of it to make one or seven batches.

For music this week we need to listen to¬†the song that I’ve danced to approx. 1000 times. It’s the perfect summer jam and works great when you want to dance at your dogs to annoy them for all they put you through.



Grocery List 41 // Wit & Vinegar


I know everyone has the feels when it comes to the v-day where maybe you’re excited or maybe you hate it or maybe you look forward to sitting at home listening to Robyn by yourself (daily ritual) but at least we can all be happy that it’s another holiday to get cheap candy the day after¬†¬Į\_(„ÉĄ)_/¬Į.

When it comes down to dinner for the day I can only suggest skipping the lame restaurants and awful 50 shades of grey viewing and having a meal at home with a couple drinks and a nice ass dessert where the bedroom’s only a few steps away instead of a car ride.

Luckily all the cool kids went and put together some meal ideas for us to make goodness for the v-day and¬†I’ve scattered some of them around here:

Adrianna has not one, but two different meals for two: fancy ass pot pies and a kewt baby lasagna. I’d have both.

Jon has a meatball mashed potato situation that has satisfaction written all over it.

Sticking to the ball theme with Izy and meatballs and non meat meatballs and some pilaf.

Gab knows nothing says I love you quite like a giant slab of meat. Stare into each other’s eyes while you cut off strips and feed your date.

Brandon has pasta puttanesca aka slut’s spaghetti¬†with roasted cauliflower. 50 shades of pasta, amiright?

Now that dinner’s over we can move on to all the desserts, starting with this insane tart cherry cheesecake ice cream from ice cream queen¬†Megan.

Graham has the red velvet captain’s hat with some flourless red velvet marble cake.

I think cupcakes are always a good idea because I can have a few at a time and there’s zero guilt. Cindy paired chocolate and cherries for these bebes.

Dinner Was Delicious girls with dem orange chocolate date truffles. zero dairy. zero accidental farts.

I actually really really want to try this beeramisu from Stephanie. Always good to try new things.

The drink! Sydney has this blood orange punch that’s beautiful. Almost as beautiful as your date.

And as if all this wasn’t enough, Sarah went and threw together a list of unconventional v-day dishes that you can go run your fingers through.

For music this week, it’s just guaranteed that it’s Rocket, right? JK We’re keeping it¬†classy and cute and running with some Jessie Ware. I love love love her new album and this is one of my favorites and it’s something you can listen to while you¬†cook dinner together or eat a pint of ice cream all alone while watching housewives. To multitasking!


Grocery List 40 // Wit & Vinegar

Before we get started with this weeks list (FINALLY) I want to give a huge shout out to all the love and hugs and face touches you guys gave with the announcement of the book. I managed to keep that secret long enough where I think that might be more of a triumph than the book itself (LOLJKYOUGUYZ).

Now, we can continue with this weeks post thanksgiving grocery list and dance to Bruno Mars and ¬†pretend I’m not doing this at Target every day.

First up is mah girl Adrianna with super easy soup for those super difficult days where you wish someone would just make and shovel food in your mouth for you aka my M-F. (via A Cozy Kitchen)

Megan went and recapped her thanksgiving with some serious light/taxidermy that turns me on maybe a little more than the BABY BOURBON MOUSSE PARFAITS. (via Take a Megabite)

Molly has some cutest tootesy timez with GINGERBREAD TERRARIUMS. Everything in there is edible and I stared for way too long at the first shot soaking it all in. (via my name is yeh)

Cindy is on the beverage train with some next level hot chocolate that I want to bathe in. I want to bathe in a lot of foods. (via Hungry Girl Por Vida)

Stephanie went and grabbed her own round up of grilled cheese sandwiches because I guess she knows that is like one of the holy grails for my mouth. (via i am a food blog)

Side note: I just got distracted by a jersey shore where are they now slideshow.

Graham went and made me an entire sundae with crazy ingredients and named it the salty pilgrim and I’m like,¬†I’ll be your Pocahontas?¬†(via Glazed & Confused)

Dana and John managed to slam a gingerbread cookie into a granola that actually might get me to be semi-healthy at breakfast. (via Minimalist Baker)

I’d flashdance water scene this apple cinnamon infused bourbon from Tracy. (via Shutterbean)

I’ve been feeling my oats lately when it comes to chicken thighs and these wine and mustard braised thighs from Jon sound like they’d be perfect on my face/maybe some rice. (via The Candid Appetite)

Sarah likes big bundts and she cannot lie and she made us one with maple and ginger, and I’m not talking about a couple of strippers.¬†(via The Sugar Hit)

I hope to get you guys a little edible gift to hand out soon for christmas but until then Melissa’s got us covered with a stunner of a bark. That first glamour shot has me feeling things. (via The Faux Martha)

Erika has apple cobbler that looks crazy supreme with a topping that looks just like my grandmas (a recipe that I’m more than happy to have in the book) and I want a whole pan to myself. plus a quart of vanilla ice cream. duh. (via Southern Souffle)

Ending all of this weeks madness is Phyllis over on Food52 with 4 variations of brown butter blondies. I would like to eat all of them, even if the one I have in the book has all the walnuts in the world and then some. Don’t tell the others. (via Food52)

For music this week it’s dance central USA with Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. I no joke listened to this about 50 times after I saw their SNL performance and got all the kool and the gang tower of power gives me life vibez.¬†This has powered me through so many batches of chocolate chip cookies I can’t even handle.¬†Also how do I move into this music video?