Grocery List 41 // Wit & Vinegar


I know everyone has the feels when it comes to the v-day where maybe you’re excited or maybe you hate it or maybe you look forward to sitting at home listening to Robyn by yourself (daily ritual) but at least we can all be happy that it’s another holiday to get cheap candy the day after ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

When it comes down to dinner for the day I can only suggest skipping the lame restaurants and awful 50 shades of grey viewing and having a meal at home with a couple drinks and a nice ass dessert where the bedroom’s only a few steps away instead of a car ride.

Luckily all the cool kids went and put together some meal ideas for us to make goodness for the v-day and I’ve scattered some of them around here:

Adrianna has not one, but two different meals for two: fancy ass pot pies and a kewt baby lasagna. I’d have both.

Jon has a meatball mashed potato situation that has satisfaction written all over it.

Sticking to the ball theme with Izy and meatballs and non meat meatballs and some pilaf.

Gab knows nothing says I love you quite like a giant slab of meat. Stare into each other’s eyes while you cut off strips and feed your date.

Brandon has pasta puttanesca aka slut’s spaghetti with roasted cauliflower. 50 shades of pasta, amiright?

Now that dinner’s over we can move on to all the desserts, starting with this insane tart cherry cheesecake ice cream from ice cream queen Megan.

Graham has the red velvet captain’s hat with some flourless red velvet marble cake.

I think cupcakes are always a good idea because I can have a few at a time and there’s zero guilt. Cindy paired chocolate and cherries for these bebes.

Dinner Was Delicious girls with dem orange chocolate date truffles. zero dairy. zero accidental farts.

I actually really really want to try this beeramisu from Stephanie. Always good to try new things.

The drink! Sydney has this blood orange punch that’s beautiful. Almost as beautiful as your date.

And as if all this wasn’t enough, Sarah went and threw together a list of unconventional v-day dishes that you can go run your fingers through.

For music this week, it’s just guaranteed that it’s Rocket, right? JK We’re keeping it classy and cute and running with some Jessie Ware. I love love love her new album and this is one of my favorites and it’s something you can listen to while you cook dinner together or eat a pint of ice cream all alone while watching housewives. To multitasking!

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