I am a Guy.

I have a boyfriend, his name is Steve.

I have been credited as a woman twice on other blogs. Guys can have boyfriends too.

I live inΒ Southern California.

I’m a recipe developer and photographer,Β Here’s my portfolio. Let’s work on something together.

I have a dog, his name is Mose. Just like Dwight’s cousin on The Office.

We’ve added a second dog, Nomi. Just like Nomi Mallone from Showgirls.

My first weakness is tater tots. and coffee.

Second is really good Mexican food. and coffee.

Third is really great shoes. and coffee.

I’ve been known to almost polish off a bowl of guacamole. with a spoon.

My Spirit Animal is that food you just spilled on ur shirt.


I started the blog way back in early 2010, there’s been a couple of hiatuses.

The title is a play off the idiom “piss and vinegar”. Like, that model with bitchface on looks full of piss and vinegar.

I figured piss was inappropriate for the title of a food blog, so I switched it out with wit. I think I’m fairly witty.

In 2015 I came out with a book called Whip It Up, my mom says it’s really good but that might just be because I dedicated it to her.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, wanna work with me?! etc. feel free to email me: witandvinegar@gmail.com

  • i love this and you. and that picture, of course.

    • Anna, We should take one just like that of you.

  • I like you! And this blog is totally full of wit! Wit O’clock.

    • Thanks Megan! I like you too, but we already knew that. You’re pretty witty yourself!

  • Hey πŸ™‚ nice blog! Love your about page

    • Thanks Tania! Great pictures!

  • Just discovered your blog through your dailybuzz food top 9 post… I love your blog name and the design!

    Also that’s lame that you’ve been credited as a woman just because you have a boyfriend. Makes me think I’m lucky not to have been credited as a man anywhere (yet?) for writing about my girlfriend!

    • haha Thanks Allison! just wait for it, it’s bound to happen hahaha. glad you found me so I can find you! great blog!

  • best.about.page.ever. And…Spork magazine needs to be real. Just sayin’…

    • haha thank youu! I had actually almost completely forgotten about that project until now haha.

  • Just here to second Ashley’s comment: Best About Page EVER. Totally torn between jealousy and delight. Looking forward to reading the rest.

    • haha thanks Kate!!

  • Erin

    this is the BEST ‘about’ page ever. EVER. I don’t even care that some people already said it. EVER.

    • hahaha thank you thank you Erin!

  • Love this blog and I love you (was that too soon?!)– can’t wait to pin everything on here, and I promise not to refer to you as a woman.

    • hahaha thank you!!

  • love everything you’re doing here for the following reasons:

    1) tots rule.
    2) you keep it simple. but awesome.
    3) i cannot get enough of your drink posts.

    kudos friend and keep it coming!

    • 1) you rule
      2) major thanks
      3) I’m working on some more!

  • I love everything you just said. You are fantastic. Finally read your about page. It’s about damn time. Wanna be blog friends? ok awesome. let’s do this.

    • I don’t know why I’m just responding, but you already know I think your awesome. And yes to everything.

  • If fink I wuv you. And by that I mean I’m pretty confident we could be BFFs or at least I could stalk your blog and tell people we’re BFFs and had I not just disclosed that here you’d never know. So all that, plus obnoxious baby talk. P.S. MuchlovetoNorCal.

    • hahaha, thanks for the wuuuv! and the BFF thing could probably happen, just sayin’

  • I’m kinda annoyed at myself right now that I’m not you. Seriously, you rock.

    • hahaha Thanks Brodieee!

  • omfg i luuurv this blog
    but hey! where’s yer blogroll, man?

  • Can I be your girlfriend? I mean, we can just hold hands.

  • this is one of the best about me sections that i’ve read on a blog thus far! i love it! the food and photos are nice too.
    and props to you for breaking the white lady food blog monopoly out here. i’ve been looking actively for some diversity for awhile and then found you on accident. keep up the deliciousness.

  • Pru

    You are absolutely adorable, and I thank “How Sweet It Is” for introducing me to you. I think I’ll be watching for you on a daily basis. πŸ™‚ Just adorable.

  • Charlotte

    We could be best friends… Nothing better than tater tots, mexican food, coffee OR a fabulous pair of shoes! I enjoyed reading your blog posts, I wish you the best of luck!

    • tater tot mexican food coffee shoe party?

  • Cassandra

    I think if we were BFFs we would laugh all day at my wildly inappropriate jokes and your witty bantor. Thanks for authoring my new fav blog. Love u!

  • Kate

    You and Jessica from How Sweet It Is are like the male and female versions of each other! You should do guest blogs for each other. No no no wait! A vlog entry!

    • total compliment!!

  • So glad that I’ve found you. Keep up the caffeinated, pretty, hilarious, quality work. Looking forward to your reads. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Cassandra!

  • Hi there! I clicked on over from Joy’s site and absolutely have to comment…because I just spent over a week in Eureka/Humboldt visiting my aunt. I loved it! The spectacular views especially and of course the weather. Seems ideal to me. I wrote about the trip in a post about shrimp and feta salad, in case you’re interested. Nice to meet you!

  • i came through Joys blog and I loved your about me page. Looking ffwd to read more of your posts πŸ™‚

  • Okey, doke. Let’s just say that I’m not cyber savvy. At all. (Ouch!!) But that’s the only thing I’m not savvy about and franky, Scarlet, blah, blah, blah. Oh yeah, there may be a few other things I forgot to mention. Ya think!?!?. Any way (short question long, sorry ’bout that). Is there anyway to subscribe to your e-mail or is just through (IMHO — oooh, I got one!) stupid social media stuff? I hope not. So, go ahead, make my day. Sign me up!! If you can. Thanks.

  • Lia

    Looooooove this whole thing! Consider yourself stalked (in a good foodie design-y way, oomph!)

  • The whole guy-blogger-with-boyfriend-being-mistaken-for-a-girl thing seems to be rife across the blogosphere. People should learn to read. Stupid, isn’t it (ah well, we’re humans, so I guess that’s unavoidable). In other news, I LOVE this about page. And this blog, in general. Freakin’ awesome. You and I share the coffee obsession. In fact, I just had a double shot large flat white, so I’m typing rather fast. In short sentences. Keep up the good work (P.S what is a tater tot? I’m Aussie so please don’t hate me!)

    • Thank You!! I’m not sure how to describe a tater tot other than it’s a small crispy potato nugget. I’m sure there’s something similar over there.

  • Wooooow I think it’s long due that I click on your blog from your instagram profile. Been loving aaaall your photos and wittay captions and now I’ve discovered this blog and it’s not just captions but full witty posts and wonderful pics! YAY! Love what you do Billy :)))

  • Luz

    Hey Billy, I just found out about you thanks to Joy the Baker podcast. Loved your site, your pic, and your about page. I’ll be coming back often πŸ™‚

  • Caryn Crasnick-Maloney

    Well, I just stumbled upon you via Joy the Baker and this is my new favorite blog. Talk soon!

  • lyndsee

    That picture is glorious. And I’m really digging the blog. Which wordpress theme do you use?

    • Thanks Lyndsee! It’s a very messed with version of the twenty twelve theme. I just discovered blogzilla though and all of their themes are fabulous and super affordable.

  • your instagram feed is fun! and you take fantastic pictures of doughnuts. that is truly a valuable skill. i’m so glad that i stumbled upon your blog! it’s really awesome :D.

  • Damn, you do live in Cali. Ok, add it to my list of ‘1000 reasons we should have never moved out of NorCal.’ I update it daily. I’ve never been to Eureka, but I made out with Anderson Valley once. That’s as far north as I’ve been. Oh, and Redding, but do we count that? I was always afraid if I went to the triangle, I’d be so happy that I’d never leave.

  • I always thought your blog title was a play on ‘salt and vinegar’, since the word salt comes from the latin word meaning ‘wit’. I’m a big fan of your blog! NorCal love!

  • Ashley

    WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE AND WHY DO YOU LIVE IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. that’s all for now. I will continue to obsess over your blog.

  • Wowsers I am a little bit in love with this about page, and with you, but not in a creepy way I swear.

  • Linda

    Hi, I found you today from the great comment you made on A Cozy Kitchen. Now I’m following you on Bloglovin’! Keep up the good work, and the wit. Especialy the wit. 😎

  • Love at first post! I’m hooked! Now excuse me while I spend the rest of my day at work and submerge myself in all your wittiness and fab-ness πŸ™‚ And congrats on the new fur baby and the move!

  • DUDE.
    I love your blog. So happy Molly sent me your way!
    That is all.

    And by the way, nothing wrong with polishing off a bowl of guacamole by the spoonful. Guacamole is one of the true joys of life.

    I’ll follow! πŸ˜€

  • I’d like to start a rumor that you and I are best friends.

  • Can’t say I’m surprised at how many others were entertained by your About Me! I think the past about Grumpy Cat just made my day. Jusy found your blog..Looking forward to following! Love it!

  • I officially have a crush on your blog!! Im gonna be drawing little hearts on paper all day!

  • Love your blog and I am not sure why I’ve never discovered it but I’m glad I did (thanks Southern Souffle).

  • that gurl

    are you the same billy green that was a barista at the bayshore mall ?

  • I am!

  • Chris Jones

    Erratum: You couldn’t be wronger about “fairly witty.” You are so witty it hurts.

  • gold