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  • BUDDY. I just found your blog from Jessica (HowSweetEats) and I’m fully obsessed. Your photography is awesome! Fab cooking tips too. Huge props for what you’re doing, we NEED more male influence in the food blogging world!

    Love and rainbow/guac-flavored kisses,

    Lindsay @funnyloveblog.com

    • Thanks!! I love me some rainbow/guac flavored kisses.

  • Jessica

    Hey, Billy! First – LOVE love love your site. So happy that I found it (through Joy The Baker’s site last week) because I love refreshing humor and cool recipes. Since I’m new to your site, could you please tell me the name of your first blog post on here? I’d love to start at the very beginning and read all your goods. Thank You So Much!!! (PS – Love Mose, too!) 🙂

    • Hey Jessica! It was a brownie recipe! I wouldn’t recommend going all the way back, just because it wasn’t really all that great in the beginning.

      • Jessica

        Oh, I bet it was wonderful. 🙂

  • kesha

    Do you send out blog feeds when you post? If so I would love to get them! Love you and your blog!

  • Mark Burbine

    Saw the brownie recipe, looked easy and it was. Smelled great cooking but still to hot to eat.

  • Jo McCarthy

    just found this blog and it speaks to my soul, all the food looks insanely good and im currently starting on the tin roof blondies!! can’t wait to get through basically all the recipes youve posted!
    also your dog is beautiful
    thank you so so much for creating this