Whip It Up! // Wit & VinegarIt’s that time, t-minus two weeks (!!!), where we talk about the book and what’s inside and that everything is now correct on the amazon page so you cans get your pre-order on.

This is like that moment where celebrities are finally ready to sell a picture of their babies face to People, sleeping on the mother while she’s topless. It’s exactly that except my topless photos are only on display blown up above my couch.

Whip It Up! // Wit & VinegarTable of contents! This is how I break down the 75+ recipes, It’s all pretty self explanatory but we’re gonna do a walk thru.

Breakfast has all the morning goodness and a choose your own adventure breakfast roll section.

Lunch and Dinner has just that, quick and easy savories like weeknight ragu, cilantro pesto, and garlic musubi fried rice.

Whip It Up! // Wit & VinegarThere’s a whole chapter for tacos and salsas, because I live in California. Think roasted chipotle shrimp tacos and avocado salsa aka my dream salsa.

Not just one chapter dedicated to sweets like celebration cake and raspberry marshmallows but it overflows to the frozen treats. Things like cookies and cream 4 ways, hottest fudge for your sundae and face, and dulce de leche pudding pops.

Whip It Up! // Wit & VinegarThere’s a whole slew of drinks, some without alcohol, like hibiscus limeade, and then some with the goods, like grapefruit mint margaritas.

AND THEN THERE’S A DOG CHAPTER BECAUSE I AM A CRAZY DOG LADY. I’m v excited about the fact that I was able to sneak in a few recipes for the furry apples of my eye.

Whip It Up! // Wit & VinegarAnd to round it all out we’ve got make it yourself, that includes things like steak seasoning (total babe recipe), my method for vanilla extract, and the most simple/best croutons. It’s all stuff that’s actually worth making yourself, trust and believe.

That’s it! Almost every recipe has it’s own picture, which means there’s 75 images for you to oogle if you don’t like to cook. If you want even more of a preview shoot over to the amazon page, they give a super lengthy preview, like cleavage and then some.

If all of that tickles your fancy and melts your butter then pre-order! I’ll love u 4evr and so will everyone that you buy the book for. And if you’re still like umm Billy idkkkk then you can wait and see the recipe I share from the book on Thursday then have instant regret and sob uncontrollably because you made a mistake and waited two days.

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