Whip It Up! Book Release(!!!) & Vanilla Buttermilk Ice Cream

Whip It Up! Book Release & Vanilla Buttermilk Ice CreamIt’s here It’s here It’s here.

This thing that I’ve gone overboard on creating is finally out in the world, waiting for you to go buy it. It’s like a piece of me, so you’re basically purchasing a finger, or a lock of my hair.

The feeling I have right now is actually super weird, I want to throw up and cry and eat ice cream and party all at the same time, but I probably shouldn’t make that happen. For now we’re gonna stick to just eating the ice cream.

Baby steps.

Whip It Up! Book Release & Vanilla Buttermilk Ice Cream We’ve already discussed what’s in the book, and given a couple sneak peeks, so now all that’s left to do is celebrate with a scoop of ice cream the size of my head, maybe smashed between a couple chocolate espresso snickerdoodles or on top of that ricotta waffle we talked about last week.

Actually you could really eat it with just about anything. I know mayyyybe buttermilk in your ice cream sounds weird. My grandpa used to drink buttermilk straight up with black pepper, I’m not asking you to get that crazy. It’s an unbutton a couple buttons vs taking your top off buttermilk experience. It’s got a nice classic vanilla flavor with just a slight tang that works perfectly with any dessert, It’s similar to the sour cream spiked whipped cream I made last thanksgiving.

I’m giving this to you now because there’s still plenty of apple pie to have in your life and ice cream can totally be a year round thing, especially when it’s as versatile as this. It’s the perfect accessory for your melting summer face but also a warm bread pudding.

Whip It Up! Book Release & Vanilla Buttermilk Ice CreamNow that we’ve got that out of the way, you should head over to amazon and grab yourself a copy! I’ll love you 4evr. I know I’ve gotten a few emails from people asking if they could buy it other places and you totally can! I think the best thing to do is head to your favorite bookstore’s website and search for it. The U.S. distributor is Rizzoli so there’s a pretty good reach.

And if you’re stiiillll on the fence keep your eyes peeled on the twitters and facebooks and instagrams for the #whipitupcookbook. We’ve got a blogger book tour happening this week and they’re sharing even more recipes and goodness and opinions so check ’em out!!

Now that that’s all out of the way let’s go ahead and celebrate with all the ice cream 4ever and always.

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Ricotta Waffles // Wit & VinegarWe’re (I’m) back with another sneakeh peekeh from the book!

(t-minus less than 1 week until the book shoots out everywhere)

When I was sort of putting the book together I knew I wanted to have some classic staples in there. Some no fail easy to throw together basics for all of us non basics. Some little black dress action for the kitchen. For when we need to dress up, or dress down.

Enter the ever mighty waffle, blessed by Leslie Knope and mouths everywhere.

Ricotta Waffle Sundae // Wit & VinegarThe great thing about these waffles is that they don’t require that added step of whipping egg whites so you’re able to make them while you’re half awake, probably without pants. Maybe the addition of ricotta sounds a little weird but it gives them this sort of fluffy, almost creamy interior that’s like mouth heaven. We get that crispy exterior by adding plenty of butter, adding a kewt amount of cornstarch and using a hot waffle iron.

The crazy thing about waffles in general though is how you can be very modest or show all the boobs in the form of ice cream #icecreamboobs.

Let’s get that trending.

When I have waffles it’s usually just the classic butter + pure maple syrup + a sprinkle of maldon. Buuuut when she’s feeling her oats it’s ice cream + hot fudge + alll the whipped cream + a cherry, because you never know who can tie a cherry stem in their mouth.

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The Year of Cozy's Flaky, Buttery Biscuits // Wit & VinegarLadies and gentlemen we are gathered here today to talk about two things:

That perfect beautiful creature up there.

And the birth of Adrianna‘s Book.

Let’s start with the book, mainly because I’m having a major Sue moment:

The Year of Cozy's Flaky, Buttery Biscuits // Wit & VinegarIf you’re not familiar with Adrianna, she writes the blog A Cozy Kitchen. Go over, get into it. This book sort of runs through the same cozy vein but dives a bit deeper with some living and making ideas, all super doable, even if you’re blessed with #wreckingballhands like me.

I was actually lucky enough to help out with the book, helping prep and shoot, wrangle Amelia, naming beer can chickens, learning sooo much, teaching Adrianna a couple things. Even if I hadn’t been involved I would still have the same feelings I do.

I. fucking. love. this. book.

The Year of Cozy's Flaky, Buttery Biscuits // Wit & VinegarI don’t just love it because it’s beautiful in every aspect, or that there’s an awkward photo of me in the back, or that Adrianna’s a really good friend of mine, but because it’s something that’s fresh, new, interesting. There’s a conceptual aspect to it that I loooove, it gives you an actual reason to make things besides the fact that it just looks or sounds good. There’s things to help get you through shit and ways to sort of slow down, it’s all just soo so fresh in it’s own way.

The Year of Cozy's Flaky, Buttery Biscuits // Wit & VinegarNow that we have the book out of the way we can talk about these biscuits.


These biscuits are what you should be looking for in a biscuit. They’re super flaky and buttery, just like the name promises, and the bottom sort of turns into this crispy pie crust feeling that you didn’t even know you wanted. The trick is to make sure everybody is super cold, your freezer is your best friend with these bebes.

All they really need is a nice drizzle of honey (not exactly full sex mode like that image above), but I don’t think anyone would kick you out of bed for opting for jam.

Now go order The Year of Cozy so we can go on and make some biscuits.

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Nutella Brownie Tart // Wit & VinegarWhen it comes to sneak peeks there’s two options: a video of my slowly unbuttoning my shirt or actual recipes that you can oogle on here and make at home. That’s it, those are your options.

While the first may or may not generate more traffic this is a food blog and there’s a cookbook shooting into the world so it’s probably best if we just focus on the brownie.

This bebe comes from the sweets chapter as an answer to those mall cookie pizza things and is something that was actually developed just so I had an excuse to use that stencil for the powdered sugar. Like I had a nail painting emoji powdered sugar stencil idea just chilling in my beautifully shaped head for months. #thestruggle

And by that stencil I mean that thing that I designed on the computer then cut out with an x-acto knife then fucked up two other tarts trying to use it and get clean lines. #legitstruggle

I looooove this brownie though, it comes together in just one saucepan and is a little fudgy with a nice smack of nutellas. And I wouldn’t say no to someone trying it with some cookie butter.

If you’re like, what? huh? book? head hiiieere. If you’re like yes gawd I get it I kno then scroll your eyes down a bit and bake away.

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Whip It Up! // Wit & VinegarIt’s that time, t-minus two weeks (!!!), where we talk about the book and what’s inside and that everything is now correct on the amazon page so you cans get your pre-order on.

This is like that moment where celebrities are finally ready to sell a picture of their babies face to People, sleeping on the mother while she’s topless. It’s exactly that except my topless photos are only on display blown up above my couch.

Last time we actually had a discussion about the book it was really before anything was done and forever ago and since then I’ve had several 2007 Britney meltdowns but I am alive and here to talk about the outcome and how I didn’t shave my head.

Whip It Up! // Wit & VinegarTable of contents! This is how I break down the 75+ recipes, It’s all pretty self explanatory but we’re gonna do a walk thru.

Breakfast has all the morning goodness and a choose your own adventure breakfast roll section.

Lunch and Dinner has just that, quick and easy savories like weeknight ragu, cilantro pesto, and garlic musubi fried rice.

Whip It Up! // Wit & VinegarThere’s a whole chapter for tacos and salsas, because I live in California. Think roasted chipotle shrimp tacos and avocado salsa aka my dream salsa.

Not just one chapter dedicated to sweets like celebration cake and raspberry marshmallows but it overflows to the frozen treats. Things like cookies and cream 4 ways, hottest fudge for your sundae and face, and dulce de leche pudding pops.

Whip It Up! // Wit & VinegarThere’s a whole slew of drinks, some without alcohol, like hibiscus limeade, and then some with the goods, like grapefruit mint margaritas.

AND THEN THERE’S A DOG CHAPTER BECAUSE I AM A CRAZY DOG LADY. I’m v excited about the fact that I was able to sneak in a few recipes for the furry apples of my eye.

Whip It Up! // Wit & VinegarAnd to round it all out we’ve got make it yourself, that includes things like steak seasoning (total babe recipe), my method for vanilla extract, and the most simple/best croutons. It’s all stuff that’s actually worth making yourself, trust and believe.

That’s it! Almost every recipe has it’s own picture, which means there’s 75 images for you to oogle if you don’t like to cook. If you want even more of a preview shoot over to the amazon page, they give a super lengthy preview, like cleavage and then some.

If all of that tickles your fancy and melts your butter then pre-order! I’ll love u 4evr and so will everyone that you buy the book for. And if you’re still like umm Billy idkkkk then you can wait and see the recipe I share from the book on Thursday then have instant regret and sob uncontrollably because you made a mistake and waited two days.


Al Pastor Chicken Skewers // Wit & VinegarIt’s officially that time of year where everyone I went to high school with posts football memes and lols and sad posts when their team loses. Or if all things go according to plan they just disappear for a week because all the campaigning they did the week before was a huge waste of time.

Growing up, football was the same minus facebook because I am old enough to not grow up with facebook. It was all real life with dads in jerseys and random trash talk and ALL THE FOODS. Because if football is good for anything it’s getting a bunch of people together and eating 75% of everything covered in cheese. This is my heaven. So much so that I’ve teamed up with Kingsford Charcoal to talk about food and gathering and only going to football things for da food.

Al Pastor Chicken Skewers // Wit & VinegarToday we’re talking about the one food not smothered in cheese: the classic chicken skewer aka a giant meat stick that you can either enjoy by itself or tossed in a warm corn tortilla for a really good taco.

When we were in Mexico last month I had some of the best tacos al pastor ever. Like ever ever. I made it my mission to come home and make something in the vein of that. The usual al pastor is stacks of pork and pineapple on a vertical rotisserie and I figured since I couldn’t swing the vertical rotisserie let’s just go super left field and grill some chicken skewers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The open flame and that char on the meat is what’s helping me feel the fantasy.

Al Pastor Chicken Skewers // Wit & VinegarThis recipe’s actually perfect for game day because the chicken needs some time to marinate so you can prep it all the day before then skewer it the day of and grill it up for your gathering.

Some of the ingredients are a little tricky to find but not impossible (I’ve got the notes below), especially if you live near a mexican grocery store. While you’re there grab all the flan and tres leches for the party then forget to serve them so you have them all to yourself!

Now let’s make some meat.

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