Rosé Watermelon Slushies // Wit & VinegarHappy fifth of July! The day after you just drank a bunch of alcohol and now I’m serving you some more. This probably would’ve been perfect for your bbq yesterday but good news is it’s also perfect for your tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, or any day that ends with y.

And there’s fruit in there so it’s basically what some would call a detox.

Rosé Watermelon Slushies // Wit & VinegarI think my favorite thing about these is that they’re just the two ingredients, watermelon and rosé, with no ice to water down my drink because I don’t have time for that. All you have to do is freeze a cubed up watermelon then you’re on the train to adult Icee land whenever you want to travel (pretty much every day).

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Sriracha Mustard // Wit & VinegarWe get to end the week on something kewt and fun that requires next to no thinking and you can make it ahead of time if you’re into that thing.

Sriracha. Mustard.

Which, when I figured that shit out I assumed that it had been done a million times already and Billy just bought the later ticket to the train. Then I googled it as one does and there’s a couple posts about it then a buuunch of companies selling it to fools because you guys, it’s sriracha and mustard. Don’t do that to yourself.

I know there’s nothing revolutionary at all about this, I just wanted to share it with you and also photograph hot dogs/eat said hot dogs.

Just to get it all out of the way: it’s 3 parts yellow mustard to 1 part sriracha, idk maybe more sriracha if you’re feeling your oats, you do you.

And because I’m a good gurl, I’ve gone ahead and rounded up some goodness for your bbq this weekend:

The bbq dessert supreme pie bar
Also rosé soaked strawberry shortcake because yas
Adrianna has some bacon western cheeseburger sliders from Jon’s book for your nerve
Some of the best looking crumb on a cupcake I’ve ever seen from Cindy
I put coffee in BBQ sauce, Phillip crusted his burger patty, it’s a win win
Brandon put watermelon and tomato in a margarita, I’m not mad about it
Crying tears of joy over these frito pie hot dogs from Honestly YUM
And last but not least we have Sydney with Korean-Style roast pork, amen.

That’s it! Enjoy your weekend, eat lots of food, drink lots of drink, make sure your dogs are wrapped up when it comes time for fireworks/all weekend because assholes love loud noises when it makes zero sense.


Refrigerator Pickles // Wit & VinegarHappy Friday here are some pickles!

Pickles because we’re still going with the calm before the bbq™© and I think good crispy dill pickles are necessary at every bbq. They go with just about everything and for me just make a good hamburger or sandwich great. Set out a jar of these babies and everyone will a) luv u for them and b) be impressed you actually made pickles.

Refrigerator Pickles // Wit & VinegarOne of the many cool things about these is that they’re refrigerator pickles, which means all the magic happens in the refrigerator, hence da name. There’s no need to can anything, no pots of boiling water, hazmat suits, weird tongs, etc. Most of us don’t find ourselves swimming in a sea of baby cucumbers (maybe you do I don’t know what you’re into) so the need to can several jars is nowhere to be found. This stuff is as simple as boiling some liquids, pouring it over cucumbers and waiting a few hours. Seriously the waiting a few hours is probably the hardest part.

Refrigerator Pickles // Wit & VinegarAnd we don’t even need the special pickling cucumbers you’d need if you were actually canning these. We go for the Persian Cucumbers you can get at any Trader Joe’s, or really almost any grocery store, and the end result is still nice and crunchy, basically the cheaper cuter cousin of the vlassic pickle.

Once you jedi master these then you can move on to just about any pickled vegetable, the possibilities of party tricks without taking off your pants are endless.

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Black Coffee BBQ Sauce // Wit & VinegarYes you read that right.

There’s coffee. In this. BBQ Sauce. You never have to choose between the two again! And it’s perfect for just about anything this 4th of July and beyond.

The idea came about last year when I went to a press event at Mohawk Bend up in LA and they had bbq chicken that had a hint of coffee flavor to it and I was like wait what’s going on why have I never put coffee in my BBQ sauce.

Black Coffee BBQ Sauce // Wit & VinegarThe good news for those of you that don’t like coffee (witches) is that it doesn’t taste like you’re putting coffee on your ribs, there’s just a really great richness that you get from using the coffee. I mean when you think about it, the characteristics we find in coffee are the same ones we look for in a good BBQ sauce. The smoky notes, the acidity, even certain berry notes make up the perfect base.

And I’ve even gone ahead and made it ketchup free for those of you that are emoji girl crossing her arms to having it in your BBQ sauce. I’m not 100% opposed to it but in this case it was covering up more of the coffee and just making it all taste like sad watery ketchup, not the kind of BBQ sauce I want. We’re taking the tomato paste highway and getting to use more coffee. Win Win Win.

Be a strong person and sacrifice a cup of coffee from your morning pot to make this because girl, it’s worth it.

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Tex-Mex Black Bean Sliders from The Slider Effect // Wit & VinegarHappy 4th of July Pre Game Week! Next Monday is the big day which means this weekend you’ll probably be at some sort of bbq pool grassy field version of hunger games where hopefully there’s enough food and beer to keep you juiced up for the fireworks.

Good news is I’ve got some of your bases covered with these sliders and a few other recipes the rest of this week, things like my favorite bbq sauce, easy pickles, pie if I can get my shit together, etc. It’s like a private bbq week but since last week was popsicle week we can’t use week so we’re going to call it the calm before the bbq™©.

Tex-Mex Black Bean Sliders from The Slider Effect // Wit & VinegarThe recipe for these bebes actually comes from my friend Jon’s brand new book The Slider Effect, that just so happens to come out into the world and into your hearts today! For those of you that don’t know Jon (who are you even) he writes the blog The Candid Appetite  where he makes all kinds of fun goodness (taco hot dogs, zebra doughnuts, cajun stuffed pasta shells, just to name a few) and his book is no exception to all the fun.

The great thing about the book is that there’s not only recipes for slider combos but he supplies all the recipes for buns, biscuits, spreads, sauces, you name it. Basically it’s a giant blueprint for building your perfect slider.Tex-Mex Black Bean Sliders from The Slider Effect // Wit & VinegarI settled on these because we all know I luv a good not meat burger and I figured you all need something in case your  vegetarian friend says yes to the rsvp and shows up and doesn’t like potato salad (u can actually send them away if they don’t like potato salad it’s a law).

These are also insanely easy, it’s all pretty much done in the food processor and there’s zero chill time needed. Mix ’em up, form ’em into patties, live your life. As if an easy patty wasn’t enough we’re topping it with avocado and a cilantro lime aioli because we can.

If you luv sliders then go get this book. If you know someone else that luvs sliders then also buy them this book. It’s only $11 on Amazon right now so go pretend you’re abc family and make christmas in june/july happen.

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Blueberry Cobbler Pops / Wit & VinegarI present to you one of my favorite summer desserts in my favorite summer dessert vessel: da cobbler popsicle. It’s my #popsicleweek year 4 (!!!) contribution and also maybe my new boyfriend but don’t tell Steve because it’s only like making out and stuff. Yes there’s baking involved with the use of a stove top but it’s 100 percent worth it, Dr. Phil says relationships take werk.

Before we get into it though can we just talk about how much bigger and out of control popsicle week gets every year? 100+ popsicle recipes this year, and I can only imagine how much bigger it’ll be next year. I’ve already got some things in the works and I’m v excited but I have to wait a whole year now to make sure they’re still in the works but it’s okay because I luv it.

and I luv you.

Blueberry Cobbler Pops / Wit & VinegarI know maybe it’s a little weird to have several steps in making a popsicle but maybe you should just do them all and live your life. The effort is actually pretty tiny, especially for this popsicle. We’ve got the fruit filling that we quickly cook on the stovetop to make sure it’s not icy in the final pop and a quick cobbler topping that we bake up in a loaf pan. We break that up into chunks that get nice and chewy once the pop is frozen and it’s just kind of magical when it’s mixed with the melted ice cream base of sweetened coconut milk and sour cream.

If blueberries aren’t your thing (I originally wanted blackberry but the grocery store didn’t have cute ones and I was too lazy to drive to another one) then go ahead and do you and really use any berry or fruit you want. Apricot or peach would be amaazing in this or even something like rhubarb with a little extra sugar would be great.

You do you, live your life, but make some popsicles first.

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