The Lady Marmalade

The Lady Marmalade // Wit & VinegarYou bet your ass we’re double dutying that batch of marmalade we made earlier this week.

I originally wanted to make a drink called the lady marmalade before we took a dive into marmaladeland so when the bag of clementines presented itself to me I just said why not make my life more difficult.

The Lady Marmalade // Wit & VinegarThe drink is actually just a twist on a classic bourbon punch with a bright hit from the marmalade and a splash of the fizz from my spirit La Croix. You really could use your favorite spirit in here though. I tried both vodka and rum along side the bourbon and the main thing that helped the bourbon cross that finish line was it’s ability to pull out more of the orange flavor from the marmalade like a wizard.

If you’ve got a party this weekend that needs a big bowl of social anxiety cures then I’ve also got you covered with this, it scales easily. I’ll probably be making a pitcher to accompany my binge watching of the new Leah Remini Scientology Show as a party of one.

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Clementine Hibiscus Marmalade

Clementine Hibiscus Marmalade // Wit & Vinegar‘Tis the season for making a huge batch of something in plans to give it as gifts then put it in the fridge and forget about it for a couple weeks.

Nobody else just me?

Oh okay cool.Clementine Hibiscus Marmalade // Wit & VinegarI actually ended up making this because I bought a 5 lb bag of clementines at the store because they were on sale and then once I got home I really realized how much 5 lbs of clementines was and if I ate them just like they were all by myself the acid would eat my teeth.

So I made a couple batches of this then gave the rest to Steve who landed on a margarita also with the hibiscus combo without knowing that was my route and here we are: loads of marmalade and some alcohol to wash it all down.

Clementine Hibiscus Marmalade // Wit & VinegarThe method from this is actually from Nigella Lawson and it makes the whole marmalade process a thousand times better. No overnight soaking, no 4 hour cook times,  barely any hands on time with my food processor decision. You just hot tub the citrus for a little bit then blitz it all in a food processor and cook it down with enough sugar to power a small cruise ship.

The result is a perfect marmalade, super bright orange flavor with a nice tint from the hibiscus, and a slight bitter chew from the peel. I’m usually not crazy about the classic orange marmalade because the flavor usually screams artificial orange blossom to me and if there’s any sort of orange blossom situation she better be using her best inside voice.Clementine Hibiscus Marmalade // Wit & VinegarEach batch makes a good quart and then some so it’s perfect for gifting in smaller jars. I would 100% suggest doing it with these biscuits and some tea or coffee as a thank you to anyone hosting you this month because everyone’s going to bring a bottle of wine and you can only have so much of that for breakfast before needing something to soak it up.

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Roasted Scallion + Chive Dip // Wit & VinegarHappy Thanksgiving Stress Extravaganza Eve!

Hopefully you’re all squared away with only one more trip to the grocery store, everything’s planned out, you’ve got your game plan for when someone says why they voted for who they voted for, and there’s a big batch cocktail hiding out in a cold place.

Roasted Scallion + Chive Dip // Wit & VinegarSteve and I are actually not doing a single thing for Thanksgiving this year, minus a turkey that Steve randomly brought home yesterday. I’ll probably spatchcock that in the morning and buy some Thai food or Pizza for dinner and just try and relax. Usually I’m full cooking mode but I’ve been working for a few weeks now on a recipe development job and the last thing I want to do is cook a bunch of food. I didn’t do any sort of Thanksgiving dinner and part of me feels sad but then there’s a larger part of me that is v okay with it and will help heal the other part with half a pumpkin pie.

If I did have to make anything though, for any sort of friendsgiving potluck situation it would be a double batch of this dip.

Roasted Scallion + Chive Dip // Wit & VinegarThe recipe comes from Julia Turshen’s Book, Small Victories, which is a great book because it covers a whole bunch of basics with recipes, then almost every recipe has variations within it so it’s like a buy 1 get 3 free deal.

I love a good deal I love a good dip I love a good scallion.

This dip gives french onion 2.0 vibes and it’s perfect for potato chips (or celery if you want to kid yourself tomorrow) and can easily be made today and stored until the festivities tomorrow.

Roasted Scallion + Chive Dip // Wit & VinegarOn a note above all that I teamed up with Julia and the team at Chronicle Books to spread the word about the friendsgiving Julia’s got going on with No Kid Hungry. Nearly 1 in every 5 kids doesn’t have the access to the food they need to thrive and I love having some sort of platform to help with awareness. If you’ve got anything extra to give, then donate (Julia reached her goal but it would be great to go as far we can), and if you have anyone you think might not have a thanksgiving tomorrow and you’ve got the space then shoot them an invite, let them know they’ve got somewhere to go.
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Sour Orange Pie // Wit & VinegarNow announcing a pie for those of us with latticephobia.

Now announcing a pie that has a mountain of triple sec spiked whipped cream.

Now announcing a pie that I might have already eaten half of by myself.

Sour Orange Pie // Wit & Vinegar

This pie comes from Sarah Kieffer‘s insanely awesome new cookbook, The Vanilla Bean Baking Book. If you have anyone you need a gift for that enjoys baking even just a little baby bit this is the book for them. There’s so many recipes, so many good base classics, so many fun ones. I’ll definitely be baking from it all. the. time.

I had originally made the no-churn pumpkin ice cream and was going to shoot and share it the week of the election but then I literally ate more than half of it on said election night like I’m sure most of you did with anything you could get your hands on. When I realized what had happened in my black out rage I figured I could call it an opportunity to just have to make something else from the book.

Sour Orange Pie // Wit & Vinegar Sour Orange Pie // Wit & Vinegar

I like a nice reveal so I figured this would be the perfect thing to take to the thanksgiving where your drumpf loving aunt expects you to bring a pumpkin pie and you show up with this. You know they can’t say shit because it’s not what they wanted but it negates them mentioning how the rest of us are not okay with the fact that there’s a remake of indian in the cupboard with a bunch of nazis that takes place in the kitchen with an old leather handbag as the lead so now it’ll casually be called nazis in the cabinet.

Make this pie, impress your family, take a pumpkin for the ones that you love, and hopefully have a good stress free thanksgiving. And if it’s not stress free hopefully you teach someone something, and if that doesn’t happen take the pie and run but also be safe and I luv u.

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Pimento Mac & Cheese // Wit & VinegarLook at dat kewtness up there. Part cookbook, part coloring book, full blown cozy (think mulled beer, black and matcha cookies, tres leches cake), all from my gurl Adrianna. I’ve got to see this whole thing sort of develop and happen and it’s so cool to have the finished product and see how it turned out. Aaaaand it’s perfect timing because Christmas is right around the corner and this is great for anyone that likes to cook but also even if they just like to color  you’re covered so you should buy this for everyone you know.Pimento Mac & Cheese // Wit & VinegarPimento Mac & Cheese // Wit & Vinegar

I went ahead and went with the mac & cheese in the book because I don’t have a good mac & cheese on here, also I wanted a whole batch of mac & cheese sitting on my counter to test my willpower.

Spoiler alert: I have no willpower.

The original recipe is for a jalapeño mac & cheese, that I’m not mad about, but I just happened to have a jar of pimentos in my cupboard and pimentos and cheese are lovers so I paired it all together here and I love how it turned out. Gooey cheesy pimento cheese vibes without the thought in the back of my head saying you’re just eating cheese and mayo right now.Pimento Mac & Cheese // Wit & Vinegar

We’re also timing this perfectly right now because Thursday is just a few days away and a little birdie told me a lot of people eat food until they pass out that day and this would be perfect to help out with that. And if pimentos aren’t your thing then go ahead and use jalapeños like the original or no peppers and be vanilla but still have people love you because mac & cheese.

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Crispy Pork & Sesame Slaw Sliders // Wit & VinegarI’m slowwwly getting back into the swing of things after last week. It was hard, and not because oh no we got a new president, but because I fall into one of the groups that could lose rights people have fought years for. It sucks, and it’s a terrible feeling, and there’s people that have it stacked up against them so much higher I can’t imagine how that feels. Steve has some words on this, how he feels, his perspective, being both gay and a poc. Steve has me to turn into a rabid dog if anyone tries anything (even if he’s got a fire in him, too) but a lot of people don’t. Reach out to anyone that you know that falls into pretty much any of the minority groups and see how they’re doing, keep an eye out and speak up when you see something that’s wrong, it’s more important than ever.

Crispy Pork & Sesame Slaw Sliders // Wit & VinegarThis whole post is actually in conjunction with Dry soda and their release of two new holiday flavors. Amber hosted the whole thing that was supposed to happen last week but after Tuesday I was like girl my brain my body my everything feels broken right now and she was like yeah same. Sooo here we are, still feels a little weird but much better.

The whole point of the party is for a bunch of bloggers to get together and pair flavors with Dry’s new cranberry and ginger holiday flavors in these giant single serving bottles. It’s still the same soda, all natural, no coloring added, just a little flashier outfit.

Crispy Pork & Sesame Slaw Sliders // Wit & VinegarI ended up gravitating towards these cute sliders with pork and sesame slaw because for me ginger, sesame, and pork is the poly relationship we all wish we could be a part of.

I love the idea of making this for a holiday party get together or dinner for one. The pork is super easy, prep and make ahead, the slaw comes together real quick, and you can cheat with the buns and buy some nice ones like a Kardashian.

And I’m doing a giveaway with Dry! One lucky person for each blog participating wins a bunch of swag from Dry, including but not limited to a couple shirts, champagne flutes, and of course the dry soda! Leave a comment below with something you’d love to pair with the cranberry or ginger Dry sodas and I’ll pick a winner on Monday. (Congratulations Zoë!) For the full list of blogger pairings head over to Amber’s site and get your holiday pairing on!

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