Pimento Mac & Cheese // Wit & VinegarLook at dat kewtness up there. Part cookbook, part coloring book, full blown cozy (think mulled beer, black and matcha cookies, tres leches cake), all from my gurl Adrianna. I’ve got to see this whole thing sort of develop and happen and it’s so cool to have the finished product and see how it turned out. Aaaaand it’s perfect timing because Christmas is right around the corner and this is great for anyone that likes to cook but also even if they just like to color  you’re covered so you should buy this for everyone you know.Pimento Mac & Cheese // Wit & VinegarPimento Mac & Cheese // Wit & Vinegar

I went ahead and went with the mac & cheese in the book because I don’t have a good mac & cheese on here, also I wanted a whole batch of mac & cheese sitting on my counter to test my willpower.

Spoiler alert: I have no willpower.

The original recipe is for a jalapeño mac & cheese, that I’m not mad about, but I just happened to have a jar of pimentos in my cupboard and pimentos and cheese are lovers so I paired it all together here and I love how it turned out. Gooey cheesy pimento cheese vibes without the thought in the back of my head saying you’re just eating cheese and mayo right now.Pimento Mac & Cheese // Wit & Vinegar

We’re also timing this perfectly right now because Thursday is just a few days away and a little birdie told me a lot of people eat food until they pass out that day and this would be perfect to help out with that. And if pimentos aren’t your thing then go ahead and use jalapeños like the original or no peppers and be vanilla but still have people love you because mac & cheese.

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Crispy Pork & Sesame Slaw Sliders // Wit & VinegarI’m slowwwly getting back into the swing of things after last week. It was hard, and not because oh no we got a new president, but because I fall into one of the groups that could lose rights people have fought years for. It sucks, and it’s a terrible feeling, and there’s people that have it stacked up against them so much higher I can’t imagine how that feels. Steve has some words on this, how he feels, his perspective, being both gay and a poc. Steve has me to turn into a rabid dog if anyone tries anything (even if he’s got a fire in him, too) but a lot of people don’t. Reach out to anyone that you know that falls into pretty much any of the minority groups and see how they’re doing, keep an eye out and speak up when you see something that’s wrong, it’s more important than ever.

Crispy Pork & Sesame Slaw Sliders // Wit & VinegarThis whole post is actually in conjunction with Dry soda and their release of two new holiday flavors. Amber hosted the whole thing that was supposed to happen last week but after Tuesday I was like girl my brain my body my everything feels broken right now and she was like yeah same. Sooo here we are, still feels a little weird but much better.

The whole point of the party is for a bunch of bloggers to get together and pair flavors with Dry’s new cranberry and ginger holiday flavors in these giant single serving bottles. It’s still the same soda, all natural, no coloring added, just a little flashier outfit.

Crispy Pork & Sesame Slaw Sliders // Wit & VinegarI ended up gravitating towards these cute sliders with pork and sesame slaw because for me ginger, sesame, and pork is the poly relationship we all wish we could be a part of.

I love the idea of making this for a holiday party get together or dinner for one. The pork is super easy, prep and make ahead, the slaw comes together real quick, and you can cheat with the buns and buy some nice ones like a Kardashian.

And I’m doing a giveaway with Dry! One lucky person for each blog participating wins a bunch of swag from Dry, including but not limited to a couple shirts, champagne flutes, and of course the dry soda! Leave a comment below with something you’d love to pair with the cranberry or ginger Dry sodas and I’ll pick a winner on Monday. (Congratulations Zoë!) For the full list of blogger pairings head over to Amber’s site and get your holiday pairing on!

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Jerk Chicken Chili // Wit & VinegarSpecial announcement double birth celebration today because we’re talking about this bowl of chili and the bebe red bowl that Cynthia just gave the world!! I know there’s a small difference between making a pot of chili and giving birth but we don’t need to focus on that today.

Mine is a birth because the first time I ever had jerk chicken I couldn’t stop thinking about how perfect the spices and flavors and heat would be in a bowl of chili. The whole kit & kaboodle’s been up there for months and now it’s out in the world and it’s beautiful and I want everybody to look at it. Cynthia’s is a birth because that’s something you should’ve learned in high school, or maybe middle school depending on how progressive your school was.

A bunch of bloggers got together today to make foods that belong in bowls, because we’re professional and we stay on brand. When I found out that it was all bowl driven I knew I had to make this bowl of goodness. It’s starting to get a little cold here, finally, so I can eat chili and not feel like my face is melting on the outside while also melting on the inside.

Jerk Chicken Chili // Wit & VinegarIf you’ve never had jerk chicken it’s usually got this really great marinade that the chicken sits in before it’s grilled that warms up with spices like allspice and cinnamon, and heats things up with habañero. On top of all that there’s another left field mixer of ginger and lime and soy sauce. All of this mix came from a bunch of sources online that I took my favorite pieces from and made up the business that’s happening below. If you want the jerk chicken for your life with no chili involved then go check out Adrianna’s recipe.

I know maybe you’re thrown a little bit from all of this happening to your bowl of chili that’s sacred and probably free of beans if you’re one of those people but the good news is that the world is big enough for more than one pot of chili don’t email me with info that I’m doing it wrong. Nail painting emoji.

Please go make this, warm up everything, and go say hiii and congrats to Cynthia because she did more than me with this chili. And if you want to see what everyone else is up to go check out the full lists on Alana and Steph‘s sites and keep your eyes peeled on social for #threeredbowls!

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Pumpkin Butterscotch Banana Split // Wit & VinegarHappy National Put Pumpkin in Everything Day! There’s a biiiig virtual pumpkin party kiki extravaganza that Aimee and Sara put together with a bunch of bloggers happening rn all over. When I got the original email I knew I wanted to do something with ice cream so I could finally use this carnival glass dish I got from my THAT I DID NOT STEAL.

Pumpkin Butterscotch Banana Split // Wit & Vinegar

And then my mind immediately went to this pumpkin butterscotch that I made for Oh Happy Day for my book release last year and all I could think of was how good this business would be with bananas. That’s how we’ve reached our destination, welcome home, please don’t take your shoes off.

The butterscotch is so so easy, any butterscotch is really, and it tastes a little like pumpkin and a little like classic butterscotch with that perfect chewiness you should get from any warm ice cream sauce when it hits the cold ice cream.

Go and make this today, have it for breakfast, have it for lunch, first dinner, second dinner, don’t tell anybody, live your life, and go check out the rest of the links on Aimee and Sara’s sites!

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Molly Yeh's Lindsay Lohan Cookies // Wit & VinegarThe first time I met Molly it was at an apron sample sale that we get together at with Alanna and Courtney before going to brunch with some other la based food bloggers. Within the first 5 minutes she joked about how the apron she was trying on was great because it was long enough so she didn’t have to wear any clothes underneath it and that solidified my want to have her as a friend because topless/pantsless/completely nude jokes are my m.o. bread and butter.

Molly Yeh's Lindsay Lohan Cookies // Wit & VinegarFast forward to now and her book is out and it’s beautiful and fun and just great. There’s a macaroni and cheese flowchart, a recipe for making your own baloney, coffee halva, black sesame milk and so much more. But the one thing that caught my eye, that was actually the first recipe I opened up to (I do this weird thing with cookbooks where I just randomly open the book first and see where it opens up to like it’s a prophet or some weird shit) was Lindsay Lohan Cookies.

With quotes from The Parent Trap.

Which means that technically we’re both part of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Lindsay Lohan Cookbook References©™ because I’ve got Peanut Butter Cookies & Cream Ice Cream in my book, with a Lilo parent trap reference. This sealed our friendship and I knew it was the recipe I had to share with you guys.

Molly Yeh's Lindsay Lohan Cookies // Wit & VinegarAnd the timing of this with losing a chunk of her finger wasn’t even planned! Bless you if you thought you were clicking on the link for this and expecting those weird witch halloween cookies with a chunk missing. I’m not fucked up enough to do that, that being making cookies that look like a finger.

These are basically peanut butter oreos, which cancels out the need for Hallie and Annie (who I legit thought were twins when I watched that movie a thousand times as a kid) to dip their oreos in the peanut butter. Imagine if peanut butter oreos already existed in 1998 HOW WOULD THEY HAVE FIGURED EVERYTHING OUT.

If you’ve taken anything away from this post today let it be that you should go buy this book. Right now. It’s perfect for the upcoming holiday season as a gift, perfect for yourself.

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Graham Streusel Tahini Banana Muffins // Wit & VinegarUsually my reaction to muffins is a giant eyeroll but also a thank you for making it okay to have dessert for breakfast, bless your soul amen.

For me a muffin is usually just a naked cupcake, which is less than, so in my food dictionary muffin equals cupcake with streusel. No streusel and you might as well ask me to stop yelling and leave because your children are in the house.

Graham Streusel Tahini Banana Muffins // Wit & VinegarThe only muffin that might be an exception to the rule of being a not dessert breakfast would be the banana muffin. I like to think of it as personal banana breads but when it’s a muffin there’s streusel so it’s a banana bread +1 and sometimes I eat hunks of banana bread for breakfast because it’s just sitting on the counter staring at me.

Graham Streusel Tahini Banana Muffins // Wit & Vinegarmuffins-PATTERNThe combo of tahini and banana isn’t a new one, at all. There was this banana bread I saw a while ago in Bon Appetit, this beauty that Matt and Beau Created, this other beauty that Adrianna made, this masterpiece ice cream from Lily put it in a museum, and now this magic. The nutty tahini is banana’s best friend so naturally banana muffins say yas qween when tahini wants to hang then they both call the graham streusel for a kiki.

Graham Streusel Tahini Banana Muffins // Wit & VinegarYes graham streusel means it’s made from graham crackers, and it’s my new favorite streusel for muffins. When it’s combined with banana it has a banana pudding nilla wafer combo vibe that will make anyone happy that you made these for them, bless your soul amen.

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