Cheesy Chipotle Bean Dip with Mi Rancho

Special shout out to Mi Rancho for sponsoring this post and helping keep this site/me moving/shaking/twisting.

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up this weekend and while I truly have no interest in watching the game I am invested in good food and helping anyone with the potential for a full bounty of snackable options for whoever may be in your house participating in the festivities. That’s where this bean dip comes in.

When I was a kid I distinctly remember the road trips with the can of cold bean dip with the matching accessory/bag of corn chips we’d grab and while this is loosely based on that concept it is lightyears ahead. We’re adding cheese, we’re adding salsa, we’re adding flavor , we’re adding HEAT. Heat in the form of both warming it up but also a nice little kick from the Mi Rancho Chipotle Salsa.

When they originally reached out and asked if I’d like to try their new salsas I was like absolutely yes and I’m so glad I did because they were all delicious, super flavorful with a fresh taste that you usually don’t get from too many jarred salsas.

The real stars of the show for me though were the tortilla chips. They make them with nixtamalized corn, which goes beyond the average tortilla chip and heightens the corn flavor, adding flavor to what would normally just be an empty vessel for the bean dip.

Speaking of bean dip: it’s so easy, takes three ingredients (4 if you’re ambitious enough to garnish) and maybe 10 minutes to come together? The smokey chipotle flavor and just tiniest bit of sweetness compliments the flavor of the refried beans and then of course the shredded cheese makes it all smash together into a perfect creamy dip. It’s worthy of anything that’s not Super Bowl too! Make it for any get together where you want to impress, just don’t forget the Mi Rancho.

Cheesy Chipotle Bean Dip
Serves 4

15 oz can of refried beans*

6 oz. colby jack cheese, shredded

1/3 cup Mi Rancho Chipotle Salsa

2 tablespoons diced white onion, optional

To make the dip, mix all the ingredients together in a microwave safe bowl except the diced white onion and a little bit of the cheese to add on top of the finished recipe.

Heat for 1 minute then stir, then continue to heat for 1-2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds to make sure nothing burns. Once the cheese has Fully melted and the dip is hot, add it to a serving dish and top with the reserved cheese and onion. Serve with Mi Rancho Tortilla Chips.

*not the point of this post but there are also so many great refried bean options out there, if you use a can that’s maybe a little more dry you might have to add some water while you’re heating it up, trust your spirit in this case, or look for refried beans in a pouch (they tend to be a little more loose in terms of texture and consistency).

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