Onion Dip BLT

What’s your ideal BLT? The non negotiable that makes it your favorite BLT?

For me: it’s onion dip. Nothing laborious or homemade, just the Lipton packet with the sour cream, no hacks, nothing extra added. I have no recipe for this post honestly, just a rundown of what makes my favorite BLT.

THE B: I love a good quality thick cut bacon, preferably pepper bacon, I usually grab mine from the meat counter at the grocery store. The thin cut bacon is always too crispy where the thick cut gives the crisp but also a little chew. I love the added texture in a sandwich.

THE L: I know it’s a little controversial maybe but I love iceberg on a BLT. I think there’s a nostalgia to it but it also has a superior crunch in the world of lettuce. And contrary to popular belief iceberg does have a distinct flavor that just screams pair me with a summer tomato.

THE T: I think BLTs should maybe only be eaten in the summer, to the point that you’re sick of them but the end so you don’t want another until the following summer. It’s when tomatoes are at their peak which means all the flavor you need from them is actually available. I love a good heirloom, but a casual beefsteak works well too. When in doubt, ask the farmer at the farmers market what they’d suggest. Slice them THICC and salt at least one side before placing on the sandwich.

FOR THE EVERYTHING ELSE: I love a good country white bread, the artisan brand at the grocery store works great, it’s what I used for the sandwich above. I think a light toast makes the sandwich not fall apart and adds the nice bit of flavor but if you’re going the sourdough route (I’ll never turn down a nice fresh sourdough) you could probably skip the toasting all together on a stronger bread, the last thing you want in a BLT is an upper mouth grating when you go to eat. Obviously as discussed above I love an onion dip but the classic mayo works just as well. YOU DO YOU, BABY.

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