Grocery List 45 // Wit & VinegarIt’s currently the season of sweaty balls in Southern California right now so I’m imaging I’m still in that instagram with very short trunks and all the ceviche and a big ass michelada. Not that daiquiri though, that shit was nasty.

It’s starting to cool down but not enough for all the basics that have got their pumpkin spice lattes in hand, hashtagged on instagram and shit. My only wish is that someone comes and smacks it out of their hand and tells them to just say no. Too soon for that baby girl.

It might be really hot right now, but I’d turn the oven on for this vegetable loverz pizza except it would be meat lovers.

I guess I could also turn it on for these crazy pink beet and feta biscuits like whoa. You guys Megan is queen of pink bread.

Cindy has instant chill with these sour cherry italian cream sodas.

Also cute bois Matt and Beau have more chill with rosemary greyhounds.

I bet if I drank a lot of chocolate I would get sick. I also bet the opposite with Alana’s hot chocolate madeleines.

I luv doughnuts, I luv deep fried shit, I would luv these sweet potato fritters from Sarah.

I would make out for this corn chowder salad even if you didn’t pay me.

Here’s a not secret: I love mint with my tequila. Jessica knows what’s up.

Apple Jacks Cereal Milk Ice Cream Sandwiches becuz DREAMS DO COME TRU.

I’ve been known to really mess up a chicken rice casserole situation and by mess up I mean eat it all by myself.

These little mini baby pizzas from Stephanie are great because that means they’re basically a health food.

These blueberry pancakes are famous but I haven’t heard of them because they aren’t a housewife or a drag queen 🙁

And last but not least are these sesame peanut bars that I would gladly eat an entire pan of and they take v little time which is perfect because I’m a girl on the move.

For music this week we just need to take a second and talk about Carlie Rae Jepsen because I don’t know where she came from (I mean I do but you know) but her album has been on repeat all week. Specifically this gem where there’s a lot of spinning and running which leads to me spinning and running and scaring the dogs.

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