One of those Friends Thanksgivings

Thanksgiving is almost here.

And by almost I mean 44 days.
I had to google “thanksgiving 2011” to get that date.

I’m pretty freakin’ excited. I love thanksgiving for the sake of the food, and because of the food alone, It might be my favorite holiday of all holidays.

Today when I got home the new issue of Food and Wine was in my mailbox. It’s the thanksgiving issue. Which means they’ve been thinking about thanksgiving even longer. And probably Martha Stewart before that.

Thanksgiving is almost here. Which means a spatchcocked turkey, lots of sides and sweet pumpkin goodness. And the first thanksgiving I get to spend with my man.

Win Win Win


I need to get my hands on some canned pumpkin.

And figure out how I can have one of those Friends thanksgivings, where my close friends can attend.
It’s gonna look something like this:

From LtoR:

  • The one and only, hilarious, fuun (with 2 u’s!), Ross Matthews
  • Martha effin Stewart, or MBomb as I call her, who would help me make the dinner. plus I think a turkey ice sculpture would be perfect and she’s the only friend that has that ability.
  • Of course, Kristen Wiig. No question/doubt. Duh.
  • A little Hugh Jackman never hurt nobody.and that Australian accent…
  • Kelly Clarkson and I are best friends and she does everything with me.

Oh yeah, I’m the one taking the picture and Steve is in the bathroom. But we’re there.

It’s gonna be fantastic.

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