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Grocery List 39 // Wit & VinegarYou guys, summer is OVVERRRR according to a calendar but my constantly sweaty forehead is just like LOL NOT, especially when I put heat hot sunglasses on my face that were left in my car. That automatically shoves the pumpkin spice cute sweater train back at least a month, probably two.

Lately when it comes to meals it’s like what can I do that takes no effort/heat/energy because seriously it’s summer and eating an in-n-out burger outside under a plastic umbrella is so much more romantic than getting sweaty trying to make a salad.

I’ve got hopes in the next few months though that will get me back in the kitchen eating all my own food + tacos and ice cream sundaes. Until that happens though, let’s talk grocery list:

First up this week is Adrianna with some PRETZEL DOUGHNUTS and real talk on living vicariously through single friends dating and I love all of it.

Megan casually whipped up a pie sundae social and nobody can stop me from eating every single one of those combos.

Jon went and made dark chocolate zucchini waffles and reinforced why he’s one of my favorites.

Sarah drew a chocolate orange bath for RICOTTA FRITTERS and I’m going to join them.

Molly has some kewt pistachio cream cakes with all the sprinkles and a giveaway for Jessica’s new book! (I get to host some of that goodness next week!)

Michelle has some serious swirl game with this matcha marble pound cake. #swirlswag.

There’s still corn happening at the grocery store so Gab says braid the husk, roast and slather in chimichurri butter.

Graham is also holding onto summer with these coffee & beignet ice cream sandwiches like whoaaaa.


I’m completely fascinated on this avocado and banana chocolate pudding that Tracy made.

I could polish off 2, maybe 3 batches of this yakiudon from Stephanie because I am a noodle monster.

Melissa made butterscotch pudding and I want all of it with all the banana whipped cream.

And then we’re washing all this down with 2 or 5 super refreshing coconut gin and tonics from Dana and John the end.

For music this week it’s straight up discohnoshebetterdon’t to summer leaving. I love me some Kimbra and this song makes me want to hot shorts it up and rollerskate everywhere yelling summer don’t leave us.

Also don’t forget! I’ve got a giveaway good until midnight tomorrow for a copy of Stephanie’s book, Easy Gourmet.


Grocery List 38 // Wit & Vinegar

Since Steve and I have been down here in Southern California we’ve decided to go on the tostada/taco/frozen treat/burger diet. It’s almost a weekly visit for us to the Mexican supermarket where we buy a hunk of carnitas, some tres leches, all the pan dulce, and approx. 1000 fresh tortillas.

I like to call this place heaven.

The trip to heaven usually ends with a trip to the strip mall neighbor paleteria and then I consume a pan dulce appetizer in the car then like 3 tacos when we get home. It’s my favorite.

Since I’m thinking maybe it’s time to eat tacos only 5 times a week, I decided to round up this week’s not taco goodness on a super long overdue grocery list:

First stop is Dana with the carb dreamz and this roasted red pepper pasta that sounds insanely fabulous. I mean, it’s vegan and I’m totally okay with that. via Minimalist Baker

Raspberry Mango Ice Cream Caaaaaaaake! The fact that I can utilize half melted ice cream when I get home from the grocery store is a dream come true. via Shutterbean

I’m not going to lie, I’ve stopped myself from making these french silk pie bars on a couple of different occasions just because I know I could plow through the whole batch in one sitting. via Take a Megabite

Curd is the word and it’s slathered on some pancakes and topped with some raspberries and I’m in love. via The Sugar Hit

Also for breakfast even though maybe it’s a dessert: Red Current Clafoutis. Just saying Clafoutis makes me feel like such a cultured fancy bitch. via A Cozy Kitchen

Saveur turned 20 which means cakes were made and eaten, obviously my favorites were this buttermilk cake with rhubarb buttercream, this pony cake, and  this Chocolate & Cherry Meringue Stack Cake. All three cakes say hey you, let’s go make out but don’t get too freaky. via The Vanilla Bean Blog, my name is yeh, and Top with Cinnamon.

Also on dat cake train is Gab with an ultra sexy timez chocolate meringue cake with fresh berries. I mean, SERIOUSLY. via Artful Desperado

I’ve actually wanted these fried green tomato and shrimp sliders ever since Jon posted them and I’m extremely disappointed he hasn’t just shown up on my doorstop with a plate of them. via The Candid Appetite

Samesies with these blackberry thyme muffins. I super love thyme and want to know what they’d bring to the party. via The Faux Martha

PULLED. PORK. FRIED. RICE. I don’t need to say anything else except get in my mouth. via i am a food blog

BBQ EMERGENCY 911 RIGHT NOW for this blue cheese potato salad bacon scallion make out sesh. via Dinner Was Delicious

For dranks this week we have Sara with some blueberry mojitos for all the color and Ashley with some great styling and a couple margaritas because sometimes those fuel me through a plate of nachos. via Cake over Steak and Local Haven

For music this week we have Pharrell and Miley because I can’t stop listening to this song and because I started following Miley on instagram and it’s probably the best decision I’ve made in a while #rainbowbraidthing.

You hear that? It’s us twerking in the kitchen this weekend.


Grocery List 37 // Wit & Vinegar

Today’s grocery list is brought to you by the letter Easter. Also the letter Brunch. Also maybe the letter Kewt.

Growing up the food on easter was always the same because it was the food we had at church after getting up at the crack of dawn. There would be a bunch of fruit, cut up costco muffins, and tables of egg casseroles that everyone had the same recipe for. They were all just layers of white sandwich bread slices, shredded cheese and meat soaked in eggs overnight and baked while you got ready for Jesus. The recipe was actually printed and handed out the week before to make sure everyone was on board.

I remember my last year at home I asked my mom if I could make one of them and she said yes because that’s obviously less work for her and I went full on Giada minus the boobs. There was a bunch of vegetables, good Italian sausage, and cubes of old french bread; I felt like such a badass. I walked into the church like I was holding a baby diamond and took it to the kitchen and ripped off the aluminum foil like a dramatic bitch but nobody really paid attention because Jesus was more important than the strata.

Here’s to having a happy kewt easter brunch and hoping you have some impressive baby diamonds.

ALSO! I’m over on the Food & Wine blog with a fun interview where I talk nonsense and Beyonce. Check it out!

We’re starting off this weeks grocery list with the ever popular scooooone. Sarah went and folded berries into hers like a boss. (via The Vanilla Bean Blog)

But what if someone’s eating no gluten?!! Ashley done did that lemon poppyseed scone. (via Edible Perspective)

I’ve always wanted to try babka ever since I saw the Seinfeld babka dilemma and I’m pretty sure that the entire jar of nutella in Stephanie’s babka has persuaded me to try it. (via Girl Versus Dough)

On the kewwt side of things is Adrianna with egg baskets but instead of hasbrowns she used spaghetti squash so you can wear a bathing suit afterwards and feel okay about it. (via A Cozy Kitchen)

Dana took care of the vegan friends with VEGAN BANANA FRENCH TOOOOAAAASST (via Minimalist Baker)

I actually made Tracy’s rhubarb coffee cake the other night for dessert and breakfast and then dessert again and then maybe breakfast again. It’s insanely good and could probably translate well into muffins if you’re into that sort of thing. (via Shutterbean)

Without fail, I sing No Doubt’s Hey Baby every single time I see a fluffy dutch baby. Joy tripled the berry action for hers and I needz it. (via Joy the Baker)

One of the many reasons I like brunch is that I feel like I can eat cake and it’s totally legit. Gab’s coconut honey cake with chocolate ganache is like next level brunch. (via The Artful Desperado)

Jon’s quiche is so quiche, there’s brussels sprouts and apples in there so it’s practically a health food. (via The Candid Appetite)

Megan has some fabulous insta-recipes from her instagram feed up and one of them involves some coconut oil quinoa granola that would be super good with everything. I may or may not have a bunch of bulk foods bags on my counter waiting to make it. (via Take a Megabite)

Another one of those desserts that could be used as a brunch topper is Cindy’s no bake bebe rhubarb cheesecakes. Give me all of them. (via Hungry Girl Por Vida)

Izy has an announcement of her Saveur winnings aaand a roundup of a bunch of breakfast foods, including earl grey hot cross buns. Get it get it get it. (via Top With Cinnamon)

Everyone loves donuts and the easter bunny loves carrots so obviously Melissa’s baked carrot cake donuts are winneerrrss. (via The Faux Martha)

Erika makes some of the best friggin’ biscuits I’ve seen. The rise is insane and the fact that they involve only a couple ingredients makes me feel so many feelings. (via Southern Souffle)

Caboosing the list is a twofer from Sarah with flourless chocolate cake with batheworthy nutella mousse aaaand hot cross doughnuts. I will always choose the brunch that serves me chocolate cake. (via The Sugar Hit)

For music this week we have an slightly old but not really song from Vampire Weekend from their last album and I don’t know why I haven’t put it on here. The video’s super fun and it’s the perfect mid brunch dance break, especially after one or three mimosas.


Grocery List 36 // Wit & Vinegar

On this episode of hoarders we’re exploring my obsession with the bags of already ripe reduced price bananas/maybe we can start a trend and call it donkey konging/just to be clear no penises are involved.

Seriously though, every time I go to the grocery store I walk past the bananas and see the .39/lb price tag and grab a bag and say oh I’ll make some banana bread but really half of these might be fruit fly food but I’m definitely going to use these. And then I make a loaf of banana bread and forget about the last couple in the bag. Obviously this can’t happen anymore.

Right now my option aresenal is banana bread, that one ingredient ice cream trick, and topping some waffles with bananas and caramel.  None of these are bad, but like, I get bored.

S.O.S. Please send me your banana deets.

One thing that I’m sure will be added to the arsenal is this banana curd from Melissa. Seriously. Banana. Curd. I’m going to put that on everything. (via The Faux Martha)


This one bowl chocolate cake piece of magic from Dana looks like the moistest not sorry cake ever and the fact that it’s vegan would probably just make like a thousand people happier (via Minimalist Baker)

To wash that down Tracy made everyone vanilla almond milk. Thank you Tracy for milking all those almonds. (via Shutterbean)

Joy just went and made the CUTEST BEBE SCONES to welcome strawberries into the world. (via Joy the Baker)

Megan calls this single lady french toast but I bet single guys would love it just as  much + there’s some rhubarb goodness that’s the hottest of hot pinks. (via Take a A Megabite)

MORE RHUBARB but this time it’s in a giant fold over pie that Cindy made that I like to call pop tart mother ship. (via Hungry Girl Por Vida)

If these almond joy balls from Izy are raw that means they don’t have any calories, right? (via Top With Cinnamon)

SEXXXY Ice cream sandwiches from Gab with a couple secret ingredients. (via The Artful Desperado)

I have yet to make savory waffles but Sarah’s are definitely moving to the top of my list then to my face where I will inhale them. (via The Sugar Hit)

Jessica just went out and made chia seed pudding disguised as coconut cream pie so I think it’s okay to eat all of it for breakfast? (via How Sweet It Is)

This chocolate loaf cake from Sarah looks so insane and it has a BUILT IN SECTION WHERE YOU CAN PUT THE ICE CREAM. (via The Vanilla Bean Blog)

Taxi Cab Confession: I’ve never made a crepe. BUUUT I want to make Erika’s buttermilk crepes STUFFED. WITH. HOT. CRAB. and eat them for every meal. (via Southern Souffle)

Stephanie slammed brussels sprouts, bacon and cheese in a sandwich and made my heart explode in a good way from like, love and cheese. (via i am a food blog)

Meghan saw everyone’s boring tater tots and was like pssshh GRIT TOTS. (via Stir & Scribble)

Strawberry Rhubarb just improved like a thousand points because Jon harry pottered it into some sangria. He’s already agreed to day drink these with all of us. (via The Candid Appetite)

Last but not least are mah gurls Lucy and (the newly married) Rachel with another drink that might be more appropriate for day drinking if we’re expected to wear pants and can’t get too ke$ha. It’s hey summer, heyy in a glass. (via Dinner was Delicious)

For music this week we’re listening to Sam Smith because he was on SNL a couple weeks ago and he made me feel all the feelings. Seriously though that voice is insane. His other performance from that night was just as powerful but this one has a gospel choir and gospel choirs trump all others forever and alwayz.


Grocery List 35 // Wit & Vinegar


It’s like a winning streak but with paninis and nobody’s naked but there isn’t any pants. Basically I had paninis for lunch every day for a week because paninis are delicious and I had a loaf of sourdough bread that needed to be eaten. The particular babe sandwich above involves pepper jack cheese and garlicky kale and it was insane. I’ll have to throw together a panini post with some of my favorites.

Until panini explosion happens  you should head over to check out the brand spankin’ new (it launches today!!) Dine x Design. My friend Kristin is manning the everything about food and design ship and it just so happens that I’ve got a section over there in the company of a bunch of super talented fabulous people. CHECK. IT. OUT.

First up on this week’s grocery list is Dana with vegan CHAI. ICE. CREAM. Cashews are involved and I want all of it.  (via Minimalist Baker)

Tracy went out and made me stuffed shells with lots of sausage and kale and cheese aka heaven. (via Shutterbean)

CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE WITH EARL GREY CREAM. I don’t know if I’m more exclamation point about the chocolate souffle or the tea infused whipped cream but I do know Gab is one sneaky talented bitch. (via The Artful Desperado)

You guys Adrianna gave us s’mores for breakfast. S’MORES. POP. TARTS. (via A Cozy Kitchen)

Joy went and put vanilla in honey like whatever and I would really like to put that with some peanut butter in a sexy sandwich. (via Joy the Baker)

Actually let’s put it in butter and put that all over some of these oat biscuits from Erika and then just eat all the biscuits. (via Southern Souffle)

My gurl Megan went all out again in the cereal milk game with cocoa puff ice cream that I need like whoa. Seriously this summer will be about all the frozen cereal milk goodies. (via Take a Megabite)

There’s this cheesecake ice cream from Cindy with an unspeakable amount of cream cheese that makes my heart melt because cream cheese. (via Hungry Girl Por Vida)

Sarah leveled up the apple fritter key to my soul with the salted caramel key and then everything was right with the world. (via The Sugar Hit)

I’ve never actually bought a jar of tahini because they’re giant for only needing a little for da hummus but now I need a jar so I can make these tahini swirl brownies Nicole’s shoved in my face. (via Dula Notes)

Jon why you gotta be fabulous and make everything slider buns. Then power up that fabulousness with pot roast sliders aaaaaand sriracha aioli?! (via The Candid Appetite)

I’m a sucker for anything spaghetti so obviously I want some that’s topped with balsamic spinach basil dressing. Also SUMMER TOMATOES GET HERE NOW. (via The Vanilla Bean Blog)

I’m pretty sure Ashlae is a witch for this two ingredient chocolate mousse that’s just casually vegan. (via Oh, Lady Cakes)

I love coffee so so much so it’s not surprising at all that I want a giant cup of this irish vietnamese combo explosion from Stephanie. (via i am a food blog)

French toast + coconut + sour cherries + dark chocolate = what’s making me drool. Heather knows what’s up. (via Flourishing Foodie)

Molly mixed up some cake truffles because she had scraps. I would just like to make a whole cake and then smash it with frosting and eat it with a spoon while watching housewives. (via My Name is Yeh)

Izy is caboosing this week’s list with one more ice cream recipe that’s got a pistachio crumb that’s making me feel things. (via Top with Cinnamon)

For music this week there’s a video for a song that I’ve listened to approximately 5,000 times. Iggy Azalea is so good on so many levels but she just took a lap around everyone else with a video that was styled around Clueless, even shot at the same high school, and I love every. bit. of. it. Also it turns out dogs aren’t crazy about you rapping it to them but it’s great for fueling your kitchen bidness.


Grocery List 34 // Wit & Vinegar

Steve got me a waffle iron and I’ve leslie knoped twice in one week and I’m not ashamed to admit there’ll be a third and fourth time this weekend. I’ve chosen the waffle ironing over clothes ironing and I’m not quite sure you guys, but I think I’m yoloing.

Once I figure out which one I ate the fastest I’ll go ahead and share it with your faces on monday. Until then I just have to eat all the waffles and make EVERYTHING on this week’s grocery list because serious talent:

First up is Ashlae with some serious sea salt chocolate chip cookies that just happen to be vegan with an option for gluten free and they look like I need to have all of them. right now. like there’s no tomorrow. (via Oh, Ladycakes)

#BABYCAKESBYSARAH and it means I can eat multiple. (via The Vanilla Bean Blog)


Let it be known that I would wear Melissa’s braid of chocolate bread on my head. as hair. forever. What is this beauty?! (via The Faux Martha)

I’ve had a falafel craving lately and obviously I sent out a signal to Jessica and she made me some baked falafel that take no time at all to throw together which means no time at all to make it to my facehole. (via How Sweet It Is)

Confession: I’ve never had molten lava cake. Confession: I would probably slam one on top of some vanilla ice cream and live my life. Nicole made some heart shaped ones that I would very much like to try. (via Dula Notes)

I’m not good with powdered sugar because the way I eat food means after 30 seconds everyone will think I’ve done cocaine but I’m willing to risk that for Erika’s Duck Fat Beignets. (via Southern Souffle)

I’m not vegan but that wouldn’t stop me from inhaling 4 or 5 of Dana’s vegan pot pies because they look fabulouuuuus. (via Minimalist Baker)

I need the killer looking salmon cakes Jon made in burger form with all the toasted bunz and friez. (via The Candid Appetite)

you know that thing where you have spaghetti and garlic bread but probably more garlic bread because it’s the best? I want to do that with these garlic herb bread twists Tracy made. (via Shutterbean)

Carb on those carbs with blue cheese and bacon biscuits from the cauxzy Adrianna.  (via A Cozy Kitchen)

Megan stepped up the cereal milk game again with some pudding and I want a giant bowl with loooooooots of the whipped cream. (via Take a Megabite)

Joy made buttered pecan biscuits and naturally I want to open them up and put a giant scoop of salted caramel ice cream in there because I’m a growwn woman. (via Joy the Baker)

I’ve never had miso and taxi cab confession I can’t do chopsticks but I still want everything that Stephanie has going on in this pasta salad post. (via i am a food blog)

Another post with chopsticks that I need to have like yesterday. Molly’s Bánh mì bowl means everything gets tossed in there and my brain tells me I can have two because it’s healthier than a sandwich. (via my name is yeh)

Speaking of sandwich: BACON, KALE, AND RICOTTA. You serve this and you better bring a mic to the table because you’re gonna need to drop it. (via Not Without Salt)

We’re times twoing the chocolate chip cookies this week with Heathers brown butter chocolate maple pecan face exploders. (via Flourishing Foodie)

and last but not least, seriously, this cake from Sarah. whipped sour cream aaaaand blackberry curd? ALL OF IT. (via The Sugar Hit)

MUSIC: I’m actually crazy excited about Foster the People’s new album coming out because their first one was killer, minus pumped up kicks seriouslytheworsttrackonthere, so I bring you the first single from their new album so you can go punchdance and make some waffles.

p.s. go look at all their videos because I want to make out with all of them because they’re fun and attractive and crazy.