Grocery List 38 // Wit & Vinegar

Since Steve and I have been down here in Southern California we’ve decided to go on the tostada/taco/frozen treat/burger diet. It’s almost a weekly visit for us to the Mexican supermarket where we buy a hunk of carnitas, some tres leches, all the pan dulce, and approx. 1000 fresh tortillas.

I like to call this place heaven.

The trip to heaven usually ends with a trip to the strip mall neighbor paleteria and then I consume a pan dulce appetizer in the car then like 3 tacos when we get home. It’s my favorite.

Since I’m thinking maybe it’s time to eat tacos only 5 times a week, I decided to round up this week’s not taco goodness on a super long overdue grocery list:

First stop is Dana with the carb dreamz and this roasted red pepper pasta that sounds insanely fabulous. I mean, it’s vegan and I’m totally okay with that. via Minimalist Baker

Raspberry Mango Ice Cream Caaaaaaaake! The fact that I can utilize half melted ice cream when I get home from the grocery store is a dream come true. via Shutterbean

I’m not going to lie, I’ve stopped myself from making these french silk pie bars on a couple of different occasions just because I know I could plow through the whole batch in one sitting. via Take a Megabite

Curd is the word and it’s slathered on some pancakes and topped with some raspberries and I’m in love. via The Sugar Hit

Also for breakfast even though maybe it’s a dessert: Red Current Clafoutis. Just saying Clafoutis makes me feel like such a cultured fancy bitch. via A Cozy Kitchen

Saveur turned 20 which means cakes were made and eaten, obviously my favorites were this buttermilk cake with rhubarb buttercream, this pony cake, and  this Chocolate & Cherry Meringue Stack Cake. All three cakes say hey you, let’s go make out but don’t get too freaky. via The Vanilla Bean Blog, my name is yeh, and Top with Cinnamon.

Also on dat cake train is Gab with an ultra sexy timez chocolate meringue cake with fresh berries. I mean, SERIOUSLY. via Artful Desperado

I’ve actually wanted these fried green tomato and shrimp sliders ever since Jon posted them and I’m extremely disappointed he hasn’t just shown up on my doorstop with a plate of them. via The Candid Appetite

Samesies with these blackberry thyme muffins. I super love thyme and want to know what they’d bring to the party. via The Faux Martha

PULLED. PORK. FRIED. RICE. I don’t need to say anything else except get in my mouth. via i am a food blog

BBQ EMERGENCY 911 RIGHT NOW for this blue cheese potato salad bacon scallion make out sesh. via Dinner Was Delicious

For dranks this week we have Sara with some blueberry mojitos for all the color and Ashley with some great styling and a couple margaritas because sometimes those fuel me through a plate of nachos. via Cake over Steak and Local Haven

For music this week we have Pharrell and Miley because I can’t stop listening to this song and because I started following Miley on instagram and it’s probably the best decision I’ve made in a while #rainbowbraidthing.

You hear that? It’s us twerking in the kitchen this weekend.

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  • It sounds like you’re living in an amazing, delicious, taco-lined dream world. All I want is tres leches and carnitas tacos and pan dulce. THAT’S ALL I WANT!

    And when I one day get to LA, I’m going to bring you some Mandarin curd. Because it is delicious, and I like the cut of your jib.

  • A fancy bitch in SoCal livin the dream with a face full of clafoutis. Your posts make me feel like I wear sexy stilettos for fun & sit at the cool kids table. Plus yum. xo

  • Thanks for featuring my blueberry mojitos, BIlly! It’s a total honor to be mentioned on one of your grocery lists, aka MY FAVE KIND OF LINK ROUNDUP. :-*

  • “taco diets are best diets!!!!!” -says your poop.

    off to go see what this miley instagramming is all about…


  • Creamy Vegan Pasta, what what? Thanks for the share, friend!!

  • Clafoutis is pretty much my new favorite word as well. And that pulled pork fried rice . . . gaaaaahhhh

  • I was going to comment on how delicious your life sounds but then I watched that video and I totally lost my train of thought. I dance like that in my dreams.

  • Can we talk about the pic of Miley singing in her black sparkle undies for a minute? Are your eyes seeing what my eyes are seeing ?!!!

  • oooooohh HEY. drinking a margarita right now. thanks for the share. xo

  • So glad you are enjoying SoCal! Mexican food is definitely a bonus down here. I’ve finally gotten my willpower high enough to resist the weekly Carne Asada Chips urge. It’s now a monthly thing 😉 Burritos are a different story. The next time you are in a Messican market, try a ChocoFlan if they have it!

  • Um yeah you did! I’ll be listening to that song allll day long thank you very much.

  • Holy hell give me all of the tortillas. and paletas too.

  • Oh shit I have to learn that whole entire bae dance right this second. Excuse me.

  • I’m late, but thank you so much for the love. xx

  • I see nothing wrong with eating tacos everyday.