Grocery List 36 // Wit & Vinegar

On this episode of hoarders we’re exploring my obsession with the bags of already ripe reduced price bananas/maybe we can start a trend and call it donkey konging/just to be clear no penises are involved.

Seriously though, every time I go to the grocery store I walk past the bananas and see the .39/lb price tag and grab a bag and say oh I’ll make some banana bread but really half of these might be fruit fly food but I’m definitely going to use these. And then I make a loaf of banana bread and forget about the last couple in the bag. Obviously this can’t happen anymore.

Right now my option aresenal is banana bread, that one ingredient ice cream trick, and topping some waffles with bananas and caramel.  None of these are bad, but like, I get bored.

S.O.S. Please send me your banana deets.

One thing that I’m sure will be added to the arsenal is this banana curd from Melissa. Seriously. Banana. Curd. I’m going to put that on everything. (via The Faux Martha)


This one bowl chocolate cake piece of magic from Dana looks like the moistest not sorry cake ever and the fact that it’s vegan would probably just make like a thousand people happier (via Minimalist Baker)

To wash that down Tracy made everyone vanilla almond milk. Thank you Tracy for milking all those almonds. (via Shutterbean)

Joy just went and made the CUTEST BEBE SCONES to welcome strawberries into the world. (via Joy the Baker)

Megan calls this single lady french toast but I bet single guys would love it just as  much + there’s some rhubarb goodness that’s the hottest of hot pinks. (via Take a A Megabite)

MORE RHUBARB but this time it’s in a giant fold over pie that Cindy made that I like to call pop tart mother ship. (via Hungry Girl Por Vida)

If these almond joy balls from Izy are raw that means they don’t have any calories, right? (via Top With Cinnamon)

SEXXXY Ice cream sandwiches from Gab with a couple secret ingredients. (via The Artful Desperado)

I have yet to make savory waffles but Sarah’s are definitely moving to the top of my list then to my face where I will inhale them. (via The Sugar Hit)

Jessica just went out and made chia seed pudding disguised as coconut cream pie so I think it’s okay to eat all of it for breakfast? (via How Sweet It Is)

This chocolate loaf cake from Sarah looks so insane and it has a BUILT IN SECTION WHERE YOU CAN PUT THE ICE CREAM. (via The Vanilla Bean Blog)

Taxi Cab Confession: I’ve never made a crepe. BUUUT I want to make Erika’s buttermilk crepes STUFFED. WITH. HOT. CRAB. and eat them for every meal. (via Southern Souffle)

Stephanie slammed brussels sprouts, bacon and cheese in a sandwich and made my heart explode in a good way from like, love and cheese. (via i am a food blog)

Meghan saw everyone’s boring tater tots and was like pssshh GRIT TOTS. (via Stir & Scribble)

Strawberry Rhubarb just improved like a thousand points because Jon harry pottered it into some sangria. He’s already agreed to day drink these with all of us. (via The Candid Appetite)

Last but not least are mah gurls Lucy and (the newly married) Rachel with another drink that might be more appropriate for day drinking if we’re expected to wear pants and can’t get too ke$ha. It’s hey summer, heyy in a glass. (via Dinner was Delicious)

For music this week we’re listening to Sam Smith because he was on SNL a couple weeks ago and he made me feel all the feelings. Seriously though that voice is insane. His other performance from that night was just as powerful but this one has a gospel choir and gospel choirs trump all others forever and alwayz.

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  • Izy

    Absolutely no calories, in fact you probably burn calories from making and eating them. True story.

    Banana hoarders tip: freeze them, then buy another bag for the fruit bowl. That way you have double the amount of ripe bananas but only half are visible. Makes it easier to be sneaky.

    P.s. Bananas are also amazing in pancaaaaaake batter!

  • True confession: can’t stand bananas. CANNOT. STAND.

    I want to like them, but I just can’t.

    But DAYUM SAHN, you sure know how to put together a list.

    • Whhhhha?!??! I think you are the second person that I’ve ever heard hates bananas. I didn’t even know that was possible! That is how I feel about all things dill.

  • Aw, thanks for including the Grit Tots. Should we try to develop banana tots?! Just kidding that doesn’t sound cute or yummy.

    Bananas freeze really well! Just peel them, line them up on a parchment covered baking sheet, freeze solid then bag, tag, and smoothie. I’ve also read that in some cookie recipes you can substitute a banana for the egg – might be worth a shot.

    And I’m totally on board for calling this banana hoarding donkey konging!

  • I made the banana bread pancakes from Adrianna’s book yesterday, with chocolate chips (I think Megan has the recipe on her blog)…SO GOOD! So, that’s 2 banana right thurrr.

    PS, POPTART MOTHERSHIP! thaannnks for the love.

  • Thanks for the share, friend!

  • Agree with Izy, freeze them suckers!

  • OMG I wanted that Banana Curd too. And Averie made Banana jam not too terribly long ago. When my husband and I moved, he freaked and something like “what do you need ALL THESE BANANAS for in the freezer?!” yeah, I have a problem. Gah! And now we’re about to move again and all I can think about is ALL THE BANANAS I’ve re-hoarded in the freezer. Whoops?

  • Dude! What’s with the naners? I am the same!! I have a freezer fit for a gorilla. Also, thanks for the shoutout my dear naner friend! 😀

  • Your grocery list just coincided with my real grocery list because I couldn’t think of what I needed to add to my list and it was totally bananas, so THANKS. Also, I want all the things on this list, as always!

  • Taxi cab confession.. HAHAHA omg that show.. I wanna be down with that one bowl chocolate cake biznazz.. Thanks for including me my dear!

  • I have a love and hate relationship with bananas. I like to eat them not too ripe but if they ripen then I have to cook them soon but I’m generally too late. I’ve been eyeing that one bowl chocolate cake recipe, need to do it soon!

  • Who needs bloglovin when we’ve got Billy’s grocery lists right? You always do such a great job with them! Can’t get over daydreaming about Sarah’s waffles and those crab crepes gahhh

  • That’s some serious spring linkage and I’m digging it!

  • Reannon

    My freezer is full of over ripe bananas ready to make banana cake or bread or thrown into smoothies but I’m like you & get boooooooored with all that stuff. Still, I keep buying bananas….

  • xo!! And, I have piles of bananas in the freezer. Along with lots of other things that frustrate my significant other. Oops. I use bananas for smoothies, muffins, bread, muffins, more muffins, bread, and the occasional banana cream pie.

  • I am the same and it drives my bf bonkers, he cant understand why I am buying more bananas when we already have a bunch going off. As everyone else said, freeze them… otherwise make muffins with them and some almond meal.. and a few other ingredients or they might be a bit bland. I just posted a recipe for coconut and macadamia muffins which helped me get rid of 3 whole bananas.. I swear its a disease, I don’t hoard anything else except bananas.. and clothes.

  • Kaydee

    Freeze them and throw them in the blender with a bunch of other fruit and you have an amazing smoothie in like two seconds!

  • Leftover bananas are rarely a problem for my family, and I can’t remember the last the I made banana bread…we make Three Fruit Ice:

    This is my first time reading your blog…love it!

  • Oh please, please, please make crepes! They are a food staple in my home! Mmmmm.