Instagram Quickie: BBQ Chicken Pizza

If I were magical and I didn’t have to worry about the size of my pants increasing tenfold, I would eat pizza every day.


Growing up, I never had homemade pizza. It was either frozen or from the surprisingly good local pizza place. (Goldmine Pizza!!) It was usually pepperoni, cheese, combo, or sometimes an insane meat explosion that even Noah couldn’t have supplied enough animals for.

At said pizza place above, is where I first had BBQ Chicken Pizza and those topping options are probably my top picks for pizza face stuffing.

As of lately I haven’t had the opportunity to think far enough ahead to make the dough myself, so I buy a good quality pre-made dough from the supermarket and pile high with toppings. If you want to make the dough yourself, and have an extra hour, this recipe should do the trick. Make it into a perfect circle like I did in the picture, on a greased  or lightly sprinkled with cornmeal baking sheet.

Top with:
Your favorite BBQ Sauce.
Mozzerella Cheese
A handful of corn. I use defrosted sweet corn, but in the summer, nothing beats fresh corn.
some chicken, grilled or from rotisserie, or pulled pork. just do it. don’t ask questions.
sliced mushrooms
(in a perfect world where I don’t have to share the pizza with anyone) sliced olives
a sprinkling of sesame seeds
and the kicker – cilantro. as much as you want. so, a lot. just do it. don’t ask questions.

Follow the directions on the pizza dough you got, and bake to golden gooey perfection.

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At least it won’t be accidental.

I’m looking at you J-Lo. And your exposed Oscars nipple.

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