Grocery List 35 // Wit & Vinegar


It’s like a winning streak but with paninis and nobody’s naked but there isn’t any pants. Basically I had paninis for lunch every day for a week because paninis are delicious and I had a loaf of sourdough bread that needed to be eaten. The particular babe sandwich above involves pepper jack cheese and garlicky kale and it was insane. I’ll have to throw together a panini post with some of my favorites.

Until panini explosion happens  you should head over to check out the brand spankin’ new (it launches today!!) Dine x Design. My friend Kristin is manning the everything about food and design ship and it just so happens that I’ve got a section over there in the company of a bunch of super talented fabulous people. CHECK. IT. OUT.

First up on this week’s grocery list is Dana with vegan CHAI. ICE. CREAM. Cashews are involved and I want all of it.  (via Minimalist Baker)

Tracy went out and made me stuffed shells with lots of sausage and kale and cheese aka heaven. (via Shutterbean)

CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE WITH EARL GREY CREAM. I don’t know if I’m more exclamation point about the chocolate souffle or the tea infused whipped cream but I do know Gab is one sneaky talented bitch. (via The Artful Desperado)

You guys Adrianna gave us s’mores for breakfast. S’MORES. POP. TARTS. (via A Cozy Kitchen)

Joy went and put vanilla in honey like whatever and I would really like to put that with some peanut butter in a sexy sandwich. (via Joy the Baker)

Actually let’s put it in butter and put that all over some of these oat biscuits from Erika and then just eat all the biscuits. (via Southern Souffle)

My gurl Megan went all out again in the cereal milk game with cocoa puff ice cream that I need like whoa. Seriously this summer will be about all the frozen cereal milk goodies. (via Take a Megabite)

There’s this cheesecake ice cream from Cindy with an unspeakable amount of cream cheese that makes my heart melt because cream cheese. (via Hungry Girl Por Vida)

Sarah leveled up the apple fritter key to my soul with the salted caramel key and then everything was right with the world. (via The Sugar Hit)

I’ve never actually bought a jar of tahini because they’re giant for only needing a little for da hummus but now I need a jar so I can make these tahini swirl brownies Nicole’s shoved in my face. (via Dula Notes)

Jon why you gotta be fabulous and make everything slider buns. Then power up that fabulousness with pot roast sliders aaaaaand sriracha aioli?! (via The Candid Appetite)

I’m a sucker for anything spaghetti so obviously I want some that’s topped with balsamic spinach basil dressing. Also SUMMER TOMATOES GET HERE NOW. (via The Vanilla Bean Blog)

I’m pretty sure Ashlae is a witch for this two ingredient chocolate mousse that’s just casually vegan. (via Oh, Lady Cakes)

I love coffee so so much so it’s not surprising at all that I want a giant cup of this irish vietnamese combo explosion from Stephanie. (via i am a food blog)

French toast + coconut + sour cherries + dark chocolate = what’s making me drool. Heather knows what’s up. (via Flourishing Foodie)

Molly mixed up some cake truffles because she had scraps. I would just like to make a whole cake and then smash it with frosting and eat it with a spoon while watching housewives. (via My Name is Yeh)

Izy is caboosing this week’s list with one more ice cream recipe that’s got a pistachio crumb that’s making me feel things. (via Top with Cinnamon)

For music this week there’s a video for a song that I’ve listened to approximately 5,000 times. Iggy Azalea is so good on so many levels but she just took a lap around everyone else with a video that was styled around Clueless, even shot at the same high school, and I love every. bit. of. it. Also it turns out dogs aren’t crazy about you rapping it to them but it’s great for fueling your kitchen bidness.

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