Grocery List 37 // Wit & Vinegar

Today’s grocery list is brought to you by the letter Easter. Also the letter Brunch. Also maybe the letter Kewt.

Growing up the food on easter was always the same because it was the food we had at church after getting up at the crack of dawn. There would be a bunch of fruit, cut up costco muffins, and tables of egg casseroles that everyone had the same recipe for. They were all just layers of white sandwich bread slices, shredded cheese and meat soaked in eggs overnight and baked while you got ready for Jesus. The recipe was actually printed and handed out the week before to make sure everyone was on board.

I remember my last year at home I asked my mom if I could make one of them and she said yes because that’s obviously less work for her and I went full on Giada minus the boobs. There was a bunch of vegetables, good Italian sausage, and cubes of old french bread; I felt like such a badass. I walked into the church like I was holding a baby diamond and took it to the kitchen and ripped off the aluminum foil like a dramatic bitch but nobody really paid attention because Jesus was more important than the strata.

Here’s to having a happy kewt easter brunch and hoping you have some impressive baby diamonds.

ALSO! I’m over on the Food & Wine blog with a fun interview where I talk nonsense and Beyonce. Check it out!

We’re starting off this weeks grocery list with the ever popular scooooone. Sarah went and folded berries into hers like a boss. (via The Vanilla Bean Blog)

But what if someone’s eating no gluten?!! Ashley done did that lemon poppyseed scone. (via Edible Perspective)

I’ve always wanted to try babka ever since I saw the Seinfeld babka dilemma and I’m pretty sure that the entire jar of nutella in Stephanie’s babka has persuaded me to try it. (via Girl Versus Dough)

On the kewwt side of things is Adrianna with egg baskets but instead of hasbrowns she used spaghetti squash so you can wear a bathing suit afterwards and feel okay about it. (via A Cozy Kitchen)

Dana took care of the vegan friends with VEGAN BANANA FRENCH TOOOOAAAASST (via Minimalist Baker)

I actually made Tracy’s rhubarb coffee cake the other night for dessert and breakfast and then dessert again and then maybe breakfast again. It’s insanely good and could probably translate well into muffins if you’re into that sort of thing. (via Shutterbean)

Without fail, I sing No Doubt’s Hey Baby every single time I see a fluffy dutch baby. Joy tripled the berry action for hers and I needz it. (via Joy the Baker)

One of the many reasons I like brunch is that I feel like I can eat cake and it’s totally legit. Gab’s coconut honey cake with chocolate ganache is like next level brunch. (via The Artful Desperado)

Jon’s quiche is so quiche, there’s brussels sprouts and apples in there so it’s practically a health food. (via The Candid Appetite)

Megan has some fabulous insta-recipes from her instagram feed up and one of them involves some coconut oil quinoa granola that would be super good with everything. I may or may not have a bunch of bulk foods bags on my counter waiting to make it. (via Take a Megabite)

Another one of those desserts that could be used as a brunch topper is Cindy’s no bake bebe rhubarb cheesecakes. Give me all of them. (via Hungry Girl Por Vida)

Izy has an announcement of her Saveur winnings aaand a roundup of a bunch of breakfast foods, including earl grey hot cross buns. Get it get it get it. (via Top With Cinnamon)

Everyone loves donuts and the easter bunny loves carrots so obviously Melissa’s baked carrot cake donuts are winneerrrss. (via The Faux Martha)

Erika makes some of the best friggin’ biscuits I’ve seen. The rise is insane and the fact that they involve only a couple ingredients makes me feel so many feelings. (via Southern Souffle)

Caboosing the list is a twofer from Sarah with flourless chocolate cake with batheworthy nutella mousse aaaand hot cross doughnuts. I will always choose the brunch that serves me chocolate cake. (via The Sugar Hit)

For music this week we have an slightly old but not really song from Vampire Weekend from their last album and I don’t know why I haven’t put it on here. The video’s super fun and it’s the perfect mid brunch dance break, especially after one or three mimosas.

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  • You are outrageously hilarious. And although I’m sure your contributions to Easter spread were amazing, I have to agree that Jesus is more important than a strata. But still…. ;D

    Thanks for the share, love! I ADORED that interview you did with Food & Wine. So legit!

  • Look at you and your fancy bizniz all up in F&W! Congrats, friend. And thanks for sharing my babka! Also, that quiche from The Candid Appetite — I want to go full-on Cookie Monster into that.

    Happy Easters!

  • It gave me a strange illicit thrill to be the caboose of the list. I want to get a jacket that has caboose written on it now. Love your work, Billy and HIGH FIVE again on your interview! I KEEP READING IT.

  • I looooved your interview with Food & Wine…just as much as I love your church-strata-style.
    The honeycomb on Sarah’s cake looks like gold…it’s basically magic.

  • Get it boo! Get it! Loved your interview on Food & Wine…. and I want to get down with everything on this list.. Starting with that Coconut Honey Cake.
    Thanks for the love bebe!! xo

  • I wish I could have been at your church gathering to slow clap that strata into a loud applause. You know I would! Have you watched Ja’mie???? Because Chris Lilley is so quiche I could die. Love this carb-tastic list!

  • Loved your F&W interview. Good stuff 🙂

  • Oh snap, are scones making a comeback? Cus I’m totally okay with that. I know-nothing about Easter food, since I don’t celebrate it, but can I pretend so I can eat hot cross buns and call it a day?