So we’re not really “making” anything today. Imma be up front about that.

We are, however, spending next to nothing to get a new “cruet” or olive oil dispensing container. Have you seen a lot of the options out there? Italian chef motifs on clear bottles with crazy spouts clashes with all the other things in my kitchen that actually look good.

I got the idea when I found some insanely ugly cruets at the thrift store that were cheap and fulfilled the need. I but my olive oil in giant 2 packs at Costco because it’s good quality, inexpensive and that label design is out of control. Unfortunately this means giant glass bottles that dispense olive oil quickly and not so efficiently.


ps. sorry about the creepy wrist vein alien baby.

I came to the realization that I couldn’t use the ugly cruets in public and took the spouts out to recycle the glass, seeing the opening was about the same as a beer bottle. I went there. I stored my olive oil in a classy beer bottle that actually doesn’t look half bad. Trust.

Since then I’ve discovered the pink grapefruit flavored perrier and I’m more than mildy obsessed, It tastes so damn good, and this means a lot of those green bottles. I Switched the dispenser over and boom. New olive oil container that I love.

To “make” one of these ultra awesome cruets just clean the label off a colored glass bottle*, NO CLEAR ONES, and pop the dispenser in (these are perfect and cheap) and marvel at what you just did.

*The colored glass is important because olive oil is light sensitive, clear glass can actually lead to spoiling and if you need any help with the label grab a bottle of this stuff – it’s magic – and it’s a total steal at the dollar store.

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  • This is pretty genius! They carry CA Olive Ranch at Costco now??? That’s my favorite EVOO. I let my membership lapse a couple of years back when I realized I couldn’t eat a wheel of cheese on my own. I do miss it sometimes!

    • Thanks! They do for now, haha they usually switch out random products, I hope they don’t do that with this olive oil. It’s really good, especially for the price. I only keep the membership for the gas and polish dogs haha.

  • Rachel

    Love them, can’t wait to try for myself. Where do I find the dispensers?
    Many thanks.

    • Hey Rachel! there’s a link in the post somewhere to amazon, or if you live around a bed bath and beyond I’ve seen them in there.