Pumpkin Pie Spice All Up In Your Face.

Pumpkin is all up in my face right now.

October flew off the shelves, and now November is just about upon us. This means pumpkin everything:

Milkshakes – with alchohol
Pumpkin Butter – recipe coming very soon
Sweet goodness abound, etc.

And of course you need some sassy spice to throw in that pumpkin goodness. So you go down to the store. And you scream out loud, in the grocery store:

“What?! $4.00 for a tiny little container!? There better be gold in there.

But you don’t think there’s another option so you buy it and you take it home and use it. And it tastes like cinnamon with a little sass. But you were looking for a lot of sass. Like Sassy Gay Friend Sass. It’s not there. So you try and add some spices you have in your kitchen. That just made it sad.

So then the thrifty grandma/grandpa in you google searches pumpkin pie spice, and finds out it’s quite easy, and extremely affordable if you shop in the bulk spice section or better yet, use your own arsenal of spices if it’s built well enough. I went down the bulk spices path.

I tried a few different recipes, and there were some disappointments. and eventually ran across Joy the Baker’s recipe. I’m kind of secretly obsessed with this blog. and this girl.  but in a non creepy way.

awkward pause

So of course I tried her recipe. or what I had of it: everything minus the cloves and cardamom. Then I threw it in something pumpkin, and couldn’t be happier with the results. I use it all the time during the fall, including my coffee, maybe some glazes. If you have all the spices, try her recipe. If not, try the four above and you’ll be very pleased with the results. I mean, $.75 for more than the $4 size container that tastes gross?

Go get some.

And make some pumpkin bread.


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