Grocery List 34 // Wit & Vinegar

Steve got me a waffle iron and I’ve leslie knoped twice in one week and I’m not ashamed to admit there’ll be a third and fourth time this weekend. I’ve chosen the waffle ironing over clothes ironing and I’m not quite sure you guys, but I think I’m yoloing.

Once I figure out which one I ate the fastest I’ll go ahead and share it with your faces on monday. Until then I just have to eat all the waffles and make EVERYTHING on this week’s grocery list because serious talent:

First up is Ashlae with some serious sea salt chocolate chip cookies that just happen to be vegan with an option for gluten free and they look like I need to have all of them. right now. like there’s no tomorrow. (via Oh, Ladycakes)

#BABYCAKESBYSARAH and it means I can eat multiple. (via The Vanilla Bean Blog)


Let it be known that I would wear Melissa’s braid of chocolate bread on my head. as hair. forever. What is this beauty?! (via The Faux Martha)

I’ve had a falafel craving lately and obviously I sent out a signal to Jessica and she made me some baked falafel that take no time at all to throw together which means no time at all to make it to my facehole. (via How Sweet It Is)

Confession: I’ve never had molten lava cake. Confession: I would probably slam one on top of some vanilla ice cream and live my life. Nicole made some heart shaped ones that I would very much like to try. (via Dula Notes)

I’m not good with powdered sugar because the way I eat food means after 30 seconds everyone will think I’ve done cocaine but I’m willing to risk that for Erika’s Duck Fat Beignets. (via Southern Souffle)

I’m not vegan but that wouldn’t stop me from inhaling 4 or 5 of Dana’s vegan pot pies because they look fabulouuuuus. (via Minimalist Baker)

I need the killer looking salmon cakes Jon made in burger form with all the toasted bunz and friez. (via The Candid Appetite)

you know that thing where you have spaghetti and garlic bread but probably more garlic bread because it’s the best? I want to do that with these garlic herb bread twists Tracy made. (via Shutterbean)

Carb on those carbs with blue cheese and bacon biscuits from the cauxzy Adrianna.  (via A Cozy Kitchen)

Megan stepped up the cereal milk game again with some pudding and I want a giant bowl with loooooooots of the whipped cream. (via Take a Megabite)

Joy made buttered pecan biscuits and naturally I want to open them up and put a giant scoop of salted caramel ice cream in there because I’m a growwn woman. (via Joy the Baker)

I’ve never had miso and taxi cab confession I can’t do chopsticks but I still want everything that Stephanie has going on in this pasta salad post. (via i am a food blog)

Another post with chopsticks that I need to have like yesterday. Molly’s Bánh mì bowl means everything gets tossed in there and my brain tells me I can have two because it’s healthier than a sandwich. (via my name is yeh)

Speaking of sandwich: BACON, KALE, AND RICOTTA. You serve this and you better bring a mic to the table because you’re gonna need to drop it. (via Not Without Salt)

We’re times twoing the chocolate chip cookies this week with Heathers brown butter chocolate maple pecan face exploders. (via Flourishing Foodie)

and last but not least, seriously, this cake from Sarah. whipped sour cream aaaaand blackberry curd? ALL OF IT. (via The Sugar Hit)

MUSIC: I’m actually crazy excited about Foster the People’s new album coming out because their first one was killer, minus pumped up kicks seriouslytheworsttrackonthere, so I bring you the first single from their new album so you can go punchdance and make some waffles.

p.s. go look at all their videos because I want to make out with all of them because they’re fun and attractive and crazy.

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