Grocery List 39 // Wit & VinegarYou guys, summer is OVVERRRR according to a calendar but my constantly sweaty forehead is just like LOL NOT, especially when I put heat hot sunglasses on my face that were left in my car. That automatically shoves the pumpkin spice cute sweater train back at least a month, probably two.

Lately when it comes to meals it’s like what can I do that takes no effort/heat/energy because seriously it’s summer and eating an in-n-out burger outside under a plastic umbrella is so much more romantic than getting sweaty trying to make a salad.

I’ve got hopes in the next few months though that will get me back in the kitchen eating all my own food + tacos and ice cream sundaes. Until that happens though, let’s talk grocery list:

First up this week is Adrianna with some PRETZEL DOUGHNUTS and real talk on living vicariously through single friends dating and I love all of it.

Megan casually whipped up a pie sundae social and nobody can stop me from eating every single one of those combos.

Jon went and made dark chocolate zucchini waffles and reinforced why he’s one of my favorites.

Sarah drew a chocolate orange bath for RICOTTA FRITTERS and I’m going to join them.

Molly has some kewt pistachio cream cakes with all the sprinkles and a giveaway for Jessica’s new book! (I get to host some of that goodness next week!)

Michelle has some serious swirl game with this matcha marble pound cake. #swirlswag.

There’s still corn happening at the grocery store so Gab says braid the husk, roast and slather in chimichurri butter.

Graham is also holding onto summer with these coffee & beignet ice cream sandwiches like whoaaaa.


I’m completely fascinated on this avocado and banana chocolate pudding that Tracy made.

I could polish off 2, maybe 3 batches of this yakiudon from Stephanie because I am a noodle monster.

Melissa made butterscotch pudding and I want all of it with all the banana whipped cream.

And then we’re washing all this down with 2 or 5 super refreshing coconut gin and tonics from Dana and John the end.

For music this week it’s straight up discohnoshebetterdon’t to summer leaving. I love me some Kimbra and this song makes me want to hot shorts it up and rollerskate everywhere yelling summer don’t leave us.

Also don’t forget! I’ve got a giveaway good until midnight tomorrow for a copy of Stephanie’s book, Easy Gourmet.

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  • thank god for hot shorts and roller skates..

  • Thanks for the share, friend!

  • Preeeeach! This never ending summer is not a cute look anymore.

    Thanks for the link love <3

    oh and Kimbra is officially on bae level.

  • She’s like a candy striping raver! Thank you for this.

  • DUDE, I am a noodle monster – I have been staring at that yakiudon for DAYS. So good. OK, well I guess I’ll see you in the chocolate tub.

    Stay golden.

  • Everything on this list is just everything. Great roundup!!
    Also, I’m sure hot pants and rollerblades would be a good look on you!

  • Reannonhope @shewhorambles

    Probs should have put pretzel doughnuts last because I couldn’t concentrate on anything after that.

  • This is all I want in life. This whole list, plus the Kimbra of course! (That mime dance routine at the end is the best!)

  • I think it may have been months since I’ve cobbled together anything resembling a meal for myself? There’s just too much ice cream to be eaten!

  • J

    My favorite thing about this blog is you! You’re hilarious and I do enjoy the recipes, but laughing at the stuff you write, ( and I laugh!) is icing on the cake. One of my absolute favorite blogs!!