Rosé Watermelon Slushies // Wit & VinegarHappy fifth of July! The day after you just drank a bunch of alcohol and now I’m serving you some more. This probably would’ve been perfect for your bbq yesterday but good news is it’s also perfect for your tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, or any day that ends with y.

And there’s fruit in there so it’s basically what some would call a detox.

Rosé Watermelon Slushies // Wit & VinegarI think my favorite thing about these is that they’re just the two ingredients, watermelon and rosé, with no ice to water down my drink because I don’t have time for that. All you have to do is freeze a cubed up watermelon then you’re on the train to adult Icee land whenever you want to travel (pretty much every day).

Rosé Watermelon Slushies
Makes 1 or 2 depending on your thirst (probably 1 knowing u)

If you wanna know my favorite way to cube up a watermelon for something like this I do a little demo on this nomcast (5:30), and toss it on a baking sheet in a single layer to freeze before using it or transferring it to a ziptop freezer bag. To find a good watermelon just look for a large yellow spot on the outside, one that feels heavy for it’s size and see if it makes a hollow sound when you sort of thump it with your hand. Freez

About 2 cups frozen cubed up watermelon
1 cup rosé (I just use the 1 cup measurement that I used to measure out the watermelon)

Blend the two ingredients together in a blender until smooth and serve immediately. This tends to separate pretty fast so it’s not ideal for large batch drinks, but it takes just a few seconds to make anyways. To serve 4-6 people you’ll need 1 large watermelon and a couple bottles of wine.


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