Happy almost 4th of July!!

Land of the free, home of all the foodz.

We’re headed to a BBQ tomorrow at a friends house with the dogs so my to-do list looks like this:

All of those are v important, v patriotic. But of course I had to throw together all the greatness that’s #blessed the internet this week for your BBQ extravaganza.

From my archives: I have the blackberry pie bars, made with blueberries because Sprouts was basically giving them away, the agua fresca from Monday would be awesome for a crowd, this raspberry fluff because everyone loves a giant pink cloud on fireworks day, roasted strawberry lemonade to impress everyone, and this potato salad from 5 years (!!) ago when nobody read the blog. Let’s pretend the pictures are still there!

From everyone else on the internet:

Adrianna has us covered on two bases: everything hamburger bunz and classic cherry pie because patriotism.

Can you bring doughnuts to a BBQ? yes? cool. Joy made some bebe peanut butter chocolate ones that I would like to casually smash into my face.

Sydney thinks she’s cool (she is) with her own round-up of goodness.

Blueberry Key Lime Cheesecake Tart from Emily because you need to impress everyone before the fireworks.

Cindy made agua fresca too! Dark cherry because cool dude wearing sunglasses emoji.

These chocolate chip cookies are one of my favorites from Megan’s archive that I’ve actually taken to a BBQ before with nothing short of stellar reviews.

The Honestly Yum kewl dudes went and casually knocked it out of the park with blueberry pie ice cream sandwiches.

MORE BLUEBERRIES with Blueberry Bourbon Basil Smash from da boys over at Probably This for your 4th of July wasted look.

Of course we need burgers so Brandon made everyone Basil Turkey Burgers with fresh ground turkey thighs because he is very smart and knows what he’s doing.

Sarah has this insane looking s’mores crackle cake that I would secretly steal and eat myself if I saw it at a BBQ.

MORE PIE. ALWAYZ. Peach Purple Basil Hand Pies from Phillip bring all the boys to the yard.

AND if you’re a purist that needs their flag shaped something, Alana has you covered with a Coconut Pudding Flag Tart, and Stephanie has red, white, and blue mini pavlovas so you can be America 4evr,

For music this week, we’ve got a jam Megan tweeted at me for our much needed baking dance party. It would also be super super great for your 4th of July partay or the no pants party you have afterwards with only your dogs.


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