Roasted Strawberry Lemonade // Wit & Vinegar

Hey cool dudez, I’ve got some news.

WE MOVED! Moved as in we packed all of our belongings up, gave a bunch of crap to the thrift store, and took the 17 hour mission that is moving from almost one end of California to the other with a moving truck that’s towing a car. Also included in that time is the parking lot gatorade bottle pee break and like 5 naps I had to take because I was running on no sleep and it was satan hot for half the drive.

Buuut now we’re officially residents of Southern California! Cerritos to be exact, which turns out is a nice in between for Los Angeles and Orange County and a nice place to go get boba at 1 in the morning and get your eyebrows threaded on almost every street for super cheap.

ps I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time last week and son. of. a. bitch. they better last forever.

Roasted Strawberry Lemonade // Wit & Vinegar

Also in the newsroom: we added to the furbebe clan! Her name is Nomi, after showgirl nomi mallone, and she’s an aussie hound mix with huge floppy ears and cankles for days. She’s probably 3 times the size of the picture above now and she’s grown into her eyes and she’s just a fiery tornado of bitchy emotions and I hatelove it.

Now, let’s get to the draank!

When we were packing up the apartment I ran across a pound of strawberries in the fridge that were still magically fine, but not like, let’s eat them plain fine. One of my go-to’s for strawberries that are either a little too past their prime or not quite ripe is the good old roasting. It’s just 15 minutes in the oven so hopefully it doesn’t heat up the place too much, but in that time it softens then nicely and caramelizes the sugars a little to make them taste sort of jammy.

After they’re roasted you can add them to yogurt or ice cream orrrr blend them up with some lemonade, plus maybe add vodka if you’re me. I’m on a Simply Lemonade kick right now since I keep seeing it on sale for a couple bucks. It’s kind of a way better deal than buying overpriced lemons and squeezing them yourself, trust.

Go ahead and clink clink your friday, friends! I’m headed to Disneyland to hopefully not burn to a crisp and eat an overpriced churro.

Roasted Strawberry Lemonade // Wit & Vinegar

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  • Congrats on your move and welcome to SoCal. I’m in San Diego and don’t think I’ll ever leave after being here 10 years. So spoiled with this weather 🙂 And between Nomi and that drink (vodka is NOT optional), this post is just yummy! pinned

    • thank you! ohmygod yes! this weather!

  • Satan hot. Please move to DFW into my hood and talk to me like that all day. Just bought a wheelbarrow full of strawberries & they’re heading for Satan’s lobby thanks to you.

  • Friend!! SO much news and a tasty boozy drink along with it! Congrats on your big move and the adorable pup. I must make that drink, with vodka, soon. Brilliant.

    • thank youuuu nicole!! Yes to soon! hot days are fueled by lemonade.

  • NOMI! and lemonade and California…what else is there, really?

    • that’s it! I’m done!

  • Vodka is never optional so I’ll take one with 2 shots please.. annnddd threading is a bitch in a half but shit if you don’t look good afterwards..
    Congrats on the move and Nomi.. she needs her nails polished tho.. “You like my nails? Not as nice as yours.”

    • and the good thing is she probably likes doggy chow.

  • Love your life catch-up and the graphics over the drank. This could be a cute book!

    • taaanks gurl! maybe one of these dayyys. maybe one of these dayyys I could use your cute gurl hand.

  • So glad we both had the same thought (re: SHOT OF VODKA NOT OPTIONAL) haha!

    And I die over that puppy. DIE. DEAD. I need it.

    And puh-lease with the threading, IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT! Don’t you think? I do.

    • I mean, my eyebrows look fierce, but I also cried in public soooo THEY BETTER LAST FOREVER.

  • I’m in looooove with this and in love with that PUPPY. Holy balls she is cute!

  • Yay, you moved! SO glad to hear you guys made it safely, and eyebrow threading is within reach. This drank looks bomb. True story, John made me a grapefruit spritzer yesterday and immediately after I drank it I passed out for 2 hours. Total lightweight. Good luck in CA, friend! Excited to follow your adventures. Please post lots of pictures and keep blogging. The internet won’t survive without you.

    • um, I had a glass of wine the other night and totally passed out. mega hearts to you my friend!

  • Welcome to SoCal :)! That puppeh might be the cutest thing I’ve seen ALL DAY! And yeah I’ll take one of these lemonades with vodka please.

    • YES! one of these days we’ll have to get together and just have all the vodka in all the lemonade.

  • Congrats on the movie! Moving is such an accomplishment, this is the first time in 7 years that I’ve lived at the same place for more than one year (dat college life tho) and its so lovely not to move.

    Love the idea of roasting not-so-perfect but not-SO-bad strawberries. I always just cut out the bad bits but at the same time don’t love eating the sad partially amputated past their prime strawberries. Will remember this recipe for that purpose!

    • oh man I cannot wait until I get to find a place down here where I don’t have to move for a while! And that trick with strawberries is perfect because I always have half a container just randomly chilling in the fridge that are not going to be eaten straight up.

  • Umm… CONGRATS! So fun and exciting and this lemonade?? Screams Cali!

  • PUPPY.

    Congrats on the move! Congrats on the eyebrow threading (?)! Congrats on making awesome use of all them strawbs! I want a gallon of that lemonade ah-now.

    • congrats on all of it! I’ll bring you a gallon of it!

  • Awww heeeeyyyy! I live super close to Cerritos. That lovely LA/ OC limbo. Welcome (I haven’t been here that long tbh, 2 years. Still getting used to the west coast).

    I adore Strawberry Lemonade. I’ve been on strawberry kick and am growing some. I’ll have to make this ASAP *o* THANK YOU <3

  • congrats on the move and NOMI!!! she’s so cute!! are you going to get her a vare-sase collar to rock?

  • ps- love that clink-clink graphic!

    • thanks gurrrl!! and you know we have to get her something so she never forgets where she came from.

  • Congratulations on making it through the move. That puppy is so cute! Oh my!

    • thanks Emily! She can pretty much get away with anything and she knows it. Danger zone.

  • Australians for the WIN! I feel I have a special bond with your latest fur child already. It’s special. Thank you for selecting one of my countrymen (countrydogs?) for your own. And congratulations on the move!

    • any kind of australian cattle dog is like my absolute favorite! Mose is a kelpie mix and growing up all I had were heeler mixes and they’re all just the best.

  • Your description of Nomi is probably my favorite thing I’ve read in days! Cankles for days! Lovehate it!!
    Disneyland, roasted strawberries, vodka AND a puppy?! You do realize you’ve found the Holy Grail, right?

    • hahaha yes!! super good times!

  • Just helped my sister move, so. not. fun.
    Nomi is ahh-dorable! My dog was a cankles for days pup, too…now she’s 90 lbs… Big paws = big dog, so watch out! But big dog = lots more to love!
    This. Lemonade. Want it NOW.

  • NOMI is so CUTE! totally made me think of “it’s VER-SAYCE!” i’ve never had my eyebrows threaded! my bangs cover my eyebrows so i kind of leave them alone which is terrible! (sister always DIES when she sees them au naturel) … also, your graphics are brilliant. loving the clink clink! xo

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  • OMG. I’m terrified of eyebrow threading…ahhh! Congrats on the move!! Hope you’re settling in to the new place and eating donuts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That drink sounds amaze and THAT PUPPY. I’m dead.

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  • OMG, roasted strawberries and vodka and puppies! Too many good things in this post! Nomi looks like she has attitude and I love it. You are braver than me with that eyebrow threading business. I’ll stick to my dull 10-year old tweezers, thankyouverymuch.

  • Congrats on the move! And thanks for not complaining on social media about all.the.boxes.

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  • Nomi! I love her! Cutest cankles ever. Congrats on the move!

  • Well welcome to our neck of the woods! We are about 20 minutes south of you now. Prepared to be spoiled by amazing weather all year long. And this drink, so perfect for summer!

    • Yes! I’m so looking forward to that, along with all the good Mexican food!

  • Welcome to the hood!!! Let’s eat sugar together!

    • YEAS!! Thank You!

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