Thai Tea Popsicles

Thai Tea Popsicles // Wit & Vinegar

I’m sure you’ve all been caught up in the game this last week that was the popsicle week. There were 40 (FORTY!) popsicles, all flavors of the rainbow, and some photoshopped Mariah’s + this. It was nuts.

Of course I’m showing up fashionably late to my own partay because it’s my own partay and I’ll do what I want to plus why not extend it into the weekend?

Thai Tea Popsicles // Wit & Vinegar

I’ll keep it short because right now it’s one in the morning and you need to just drop everything you’re doing and go make these/those other 40 popsicles.

There’s just a few ingredients in these and if you’re someone that has Thai tea in your pantry at all times then you can probably make these whenever you want. Strong tea + condensed milk + evaporated milk = that gorgeous Thai tea we always order and pay like five bucks for but now it’s in a popsicle form and I’ve eaten probably a thousand of them.

I highly suggest you go out and find Thai tea at your local Asian market but if you can’t find it there, then you can tap Amazon. Look for that same packaging when you to the Asian market. Also, buy me some rice candies.

Also can we talk about how happy I am that there are several popsicles happening this year that use condensed milk? Popsicle GOLD.

Thai Tea Popsicles

Adapted from Coco Cake Land

Makes 11 3oz popsicles, using this mold*

1/2 cup loose leaf Thai tea

1 1/2 c boiling water

1 coffee filter

1 14 oz can condensed milk**

1 12 oz can evaporated milk***

Combine the tea and boiling water in a medium size bowl and let it steep for 10 minutes, stirring it halfway.

Carefully pour the mixture into a measuring cup through a fine mesh sieve lined with a coffee filter. This is the best way I’ve found to get a zero leaves pass situation. Also watch out because thai tea stains like something that stains really bad so no crazy punchdancing, karate, or hair flips.

Once all the tea has been strained, carefully press on the leaves to extract some more liquid with the back of the spoon. You should have about 1 cup of strongly brewed tea. If not, add enough water to make a cup. That extra half cup from the beginning stays with the tea leaves and coffee filter.

Take strong tea and mix it with the condensed milk and evaporated milk. Carefully pour into your popsicle molds, freeze for an hour and a half, then insert the popsicle sticks. Freeze for 4-6 hours or until set. To get the popsicle out of the mold just run it very briefly under hot water.


*obviously this mold only holds 10 so I threw the leftovers in some little dixie cups. You can try TJ Maxx or Home Goods for great deals on popsicle molds right now.

**Whenever you need condensed milk, always go to the ‘hispanic foods’ section of the grocery store and grab this. It’s almost always cheaper than the other stuff but it’s definitely just as good.

***I used 2% and it worked great but I would steer clear of the non-fat.

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  • These are such a cool flavour! Love these pops. Happy weekend!

    • Thank You Katrina!

  • I guess we’ll excuse you for being late…;)
    These pictures just scream summer! Need to get my Thai tea on ASAP!

  • yes!! i heart thai tea so much! it does have some crazy colour, doesn’t it?? but i guess it wouldn’t be thai tea without it!! 🙂 thanks again Billy for organizing such a wicked fun frozen stuff on a stick week!!! the recipe ideas people came up with blew me away. xo

    • thank you! I’m excited to also try those coffee pops.

  • Billy, these pops are the prettiest color! I need to get myself some thai tea immediately to make these. Thanks for Popsicle week and the amazing Mariah pics that made me laugh so hard 🙂

    • thank you for being awesome with your pops!

  • It’s your party, you can do what you want to!

    These look amazing. I love Thai Tea (and coffee, duh), I mean, it’s probs the sweetened condensed milk. magic.

    • It truly is magical!

  • If that Thai Pop was actually an inner-tube floaty thing in a luxe swimming pool, I would never get off. More SPF please!

    • It would be perrrfeeect.

  • And then a hero comes along / with the strength to carry on / and you cast your fears aside…and you know you can survive!


  • I just happen to have a giant bag of Thai tea in my cupboard that I was planning on making pops with!! Yay. Beautiful pics as always too. Thank you for this week!! Loved it!

    • Perfect! I don’t know how people use those bags up quickly haha, it seems to last forever.

  • They say your thai tea is popping
    Your thai tea is cool
    All the boys keep jocking
    They chase you after school…

    …What you know bout me? (Um, I LOVE thai tea.)

    xo – Em

  • YAAASSS!! These are awesome Billy and amazing styling as usual!

  • OMG! These are brilliant.

  • I AM NEVER GETTING OUT OF THE POOL (unless we run out of popsicles) (or West needs a diaper change)

  • It’s not being late.. it’s called making a “ghetto entrance” so everyone will see you walk in.. Boop..
    I love these frozen sweet milk tea on a stick.. *Get It*

  • Great job organizing Popsicle Week! Way to finish strong.

    • Thanks Brandon! I hope you’ll be joining the party next year?!

  • It ain’t no party till you get a couple crashers (guilty–check) and the host shows up late (check check). Thanks for organizing such a fun event. My freezer will be filled till eternity and my mold is gonna get a lot of extra love. P.S. Thai tea is liquid gold. Ok, maybe liquid bronze? Either way, it medals. xo

  • Thai tea is the best. I cannot even begin to imagine how awesome these popsicles taste. Thanks for hosting popsicle week because I’ve found some seriously delicious popsicles I will spend all summer making!

  • Billy! #PopsicleWeek 2014 was prettttty epic.

    Thanks for roundin’ us all up :))

  • Just wondering, why evaporated milk instead of regular milk? Is it for the flavor or for texture/iciness?

  • I’m always looking for excuses to use condensed milk in anything because then I can gleefully lick the remainder out of the can because there is a lot of it “conveniently” left behind.

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  • I love thai iced tea. This is a great idea and I can’t wait to try it. Beautiful blog!

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