Grocery List V

This semester is officially over.

*cue confetti rain, fireworks, cheerleaders, monster trucks, and tshirt cannons that are firing off ice cream sandwiches*

This means more grilling, more working, and more *fingers crossed* blog up-keeping.

Since I have a little more free time, my grocery lists might actually be coming to fruition.

Let’s see what happens after I write this one.

21 Boozy Popsicles (poptails) for your tipsy enjoyment – last week I gave you just the one, with no alchohol. Now I send you off with a whole list, all involving some adult juice. (via Endless Simmer)

I will make cold brew coffee this summer – and drink it way too fast. (via Smitten Kitchen)

More cold drinks – I feel like I’ve posted this before, but I’ve been wanting that ginger pineapple business since I read that post – forever ago. (via Matt Bites)

Yes, Please – I discovered this no churn ice cream on pinterest and it’ll be happening real soon. (via Martha Queen of Everything Stewart)

Also happening real soon? Everything we can cook on the grill. We bought a small propane one from Target a few weeks ago and we’ve already blown through one of the small tanks, and it’s all been delicious, and I think these turkey burgers are next.

I also need to crash a BBQ, if only to bring this potato salad. It makes a ton, and I can only polish off about half of that.

And, since I seem to have a thing for confetti rain, I leave you with this piece of goodness. It also involves a giant green velvet lined disco ball that Florence Welch herself emerges from.  Need I say more? Yes, I do. You can totally turn this on whilst grilling turkey burgers and pretend you’re rapping the lyrics.

Not that I do that or anything.


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