Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Me

Move over Jif, Skippy and that expensive all natural stuff that you have to stir, papa’s got a brand new peanut butter. I’ve had issues with homemade peanut butter in the past. It would just clump up, and never turn to a good consistency. I always added extra oil because that’s what recipes said to do. Not anymore. The only ingredient needed? PEANUTS. Really? In PEANUT Butter? No, it can’t be true. Oh but it is. When you make your own, you will have the same argument with yourself. If you have a bulk section in your grocery store then it will not only be super easy to make, but super affordable as well. There is one catch, you need a food processor and 2-3 minutes to spare.

I know there are other possibilities in the realm of nut butters. Cashew perhaps? or maybe walnut? Possibly homemade nutella? I know there will also be the experimentation of flavor additions, enter this beautiful mess. A store that sells only peanut butter sandwiches. Watch out. They also have a bunch of flavored peanut butters like white chocolate, dark chocolate and cinnamon raisin swirl. Whoa.

Obviously when you make your own peanut butter it doesn’t taste the same as the commercial brands, it tastes better. So much more rich and ammaaazing. Using dry roasted peanuts ensures a nice nutty flavor, without any added fat or oils, and it’s so easy to make that you can have super fresh peanut butter all the time. It literally takes just 3 minutes for me to whir some together. So there’s no recipe, just a couple minutes and couple of cups of roasted peanuts. There will however be an update soon that will include some flavors. The batch I have now is peanuts with a pinch of kosher salt and a little brown sugar because honey was absent, but I’m guessing honey and cinnamon peanut butter would make anyone slap their mom across the face. On top of all the flavor reasons and possibilities, there’s also the deal with the gross additive that commercial brands use – hydrogenated oils.

PS, While searching foodgawker, I ran across this gem that I will be trying this weekend, with my homemade peanut butter of course.

Also I am not dead for the very few people that read this blog. School has been a little intense with finals and photo projects and moving. But alas, summer has finally begun, even though the mini Humboldt Hurricane would beg to differ.

View from my new Kitchen window into my backyard/jungle with the rain and wind.

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