Strawberry Kiwi Agua Fresca // Wit & Vinegar


Growing up you were my favorite Snapple and now you are probably still Snapple and Hansen’s sodas but I guess I just don’t drink you anymore. Maybe I should have done more research before writing this.

1999 Billy was all about the strawberry kiwi snapple, all about christina aguilera, all about the hair gel. He looked ridiculous but was always refreshed and knew what a girl wanted.

Strawberry Kiwi Agua Fresca // Wit & Vinegar

It’s been turning more and more what I imagine an armpit feels like down here in Southern California so I’ve been doublefisting all the drinks with ice in them. It’s either iced tea, iced coffee, water (-__-) , or agua fresca. I like to think of it as the healthier/I know where this color is coming from kool-aid. They’re pretty widely available at Mexican restaurants and large Hispanic Supermarkets. I like making my own at home because it’s rare to find one that doesn’t have a pound of sugar in it, and I get to put all the fruits I want in there. Enter strawberry kiwi, enter snapple, enter 1999 Billy.

Strawberry Kiwi Agua Fresca

Makes 2 Quarts

If you don’t like to mix your fruits, freak, you could easily just leave out the strawberry or kiwi and adjust the sugar after everyone’s blended.

7 kiwis (6 for tha drink, 1 for the clink clink)
1 pound strawberries, hulled and sliced, set a few aside to leave whole for the pitcher
4-5 cups of water
6-8 tablespoons white granulated sugar, depending on the sweetness of the fruit.

Prep the 6 kiwis by slicing them in half lengthwise then scooping out the flesh with a spoon. Add that to a blender with the strawberries, 1 cup water, and 6 tablespoons sugar. Blend for about 10-15 seconds, until somewhat smooth but with the kiwi seeds left whole. I’m actually a freak that luvs the kiwi seeds in there. it’s a nice texture similar to chia seeds without the slime that are also super popular with agua frescas. If you need it to be smooth then go ahead and run this through a fine mesh strainer

Add enough water to make 2 quarts (6 cups if you strained the mixture) and place in the fridge to chill for about an hour. Toss in the strawberries, slice up the kiwi and toss that in there too, and serve over ice. If you’re serving this somewhere where guests serve themselves, keep a long spoon or something in there because it naturally separates. Believe it or not fruit and water do not become one.


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