A Little Gunnspiration

The semester’s almost over, just one more week, then a couple finals then it’s summer.

*cue confetti rain*

Overall it’s been a fairly mellow semester – school workload wise – but I also had one of the worst classes of my college career. You know that moment when you’re sitting in class and you go, holy crap I think I know more than this teacher!?

That happened several times.

But that class is almost over.

*cue more confetti rain*
*and make sure Mose doesn’t try to eat any of it*

I figured a good way to get through the last couple classes is speak in my Tim Gunn voice and tell my self one of the best things ever.

Thank You Tim Gunn, or T.G. as I like to call him.

I also moved this semester which added to the stress but now makes it possible to actually care about how the place looks and doing interior design on a budget. You get to hear all about it.

First stop is some inexpensive bar stools that need a little something fierce.

Just makin’ it work.
or as I’m sure my girl Nina Flowers would say:
“I am wearing beautiful pantsuits and making it Weeerrrrrrrk!”

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