Like I mentioned on Monday’s post, the book is dunzo. Literally the happiest I’ve been in a while and I feel super weird now, it’s legit been a few months since I haven’t had something on my to do list so I spent at least one day this week laying on the couch watching hgtv (seriously how is it so addicting). The other days were spent recipe testing for the blog and actually getting to cook things for the sake of just getting to cook things. I luh dat feeling.

This is one of those weekends where things I write on this list might actually happen. I think the only thing I have to do this weekend is make the drive to get my eyebrows threaded because we moved a couple months ago and these caterpillars will soon be butterflies and I don’t know if I trust anyone else. Perfectly manicured can quickly turn into constantly surprised with one too many pulls and that’s something I don’t want in my life right now.

With the whole rest of the time though I have like a thousand possibilities:

First up is homemade cream cheese from Adrianna. It’s part cream, part milk, part magic, etc and it’s crazy dreamy. I just happened to be there when it happened and I might have taken a potato chip and had my way with it.

V cute Matt & Beau have a drink that involves tequila so I’m sold. Also there’s cantaloupe but seriously tequila and some sort of mixer and I’m like hai summerr.

Also v cute: Graham went blueberry picking in overalls and made me a blueberry & blonde chocolate crostata.

mild side note: I’m v happy about the growing gay male food blogger circle of life.

this kind of happened a while ago, but Stephanie made Vietnamese braised beef tacos and that first image literally gives me life.

Molly made egg salad, with her own, like completely whisked that shit by hand, sriracha mayo. I fucking love egg salad when it’s made properly so the casual addition of homemade sriracha mayo turns me on just a little bit more.

Popsicle week is just a few weeks away (sending out the email today!!) and Cindy is pregaming with these roasted apricot and vanilla créme fraîche pops that are so insanely beautiful I might not want to eat them? HAAAA NOT <– Borat impression.

Erika is serious in the biscuit business with corn milk biscuits that I want so bad right now with some honey butter, just like, a dozen of that. I’m going to hunt down White Lily flour in Southern California.

I’m very into pretending snacks are meals as of late so it’s really no shock that I want an entire platter of these fava and radish toasts from the newly redesigned Dinner Was Delicious. Can I just pause for a sec and make the you are my fava-rite joke? no? kcool moving on.

Sydney shoved m&m’s and sprinkles into a cookie and they look like they need me to eat an entire batch by myself.

Carrying the end of the list of things I want to make this weekend is Izy with some insanely good looking Wild Blueberry  & Coconut Ricotta Doughnuts. I hate the task of deep frying anything but I would definitely get over all of it to make one or seven batches.

For music this week we need to listen to the song that I’ve danced to approx. 1000 times. It’s the perfect summer jam and works great when you want to dance at your dogs to annoy them for all they put you through.


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  • Congrats on getting the book done bb! Um side note I’m still waiting on my almond cream cheese roll recipe *insert baby angel emoji* *insert gun pointing at it*. Also congrats on talking about getting your eyebrows done and not saying “eyebrows on fleek.” You’re better than me. Also congrats on the lazy days. Also congrats on taking that potato chip and having your way with it. Also congrats on making me listen to Tinie Tempeh at 8 am on a Friday. Also congrats on using the phrase “I fucking love egg salad.” Congratz Congrazz congrzz cngrzz grz.


  • stephanie

    yay!!! on the book being done!! i’m SO excited.

    also, i too need to thread my eyebrows, thanks for the reminder 🙂

    YAYYY to potato chip ice cream sandies and thanks for the share!

    and……YAY to #lovewins ♡♡♡♡♡

  • yay for the book being done!!!!! also, that part about your eyebrows was HILARIOUS! ugh, mine are not in a good state at the moment (major catepillar action).

  • Um yes please homemade cream cheese, and heyyyyo homemade mayo!!! Also, can’t believe Popsicle Week is upon us once again. Count me in for that shit if you haven’t already. And with the book wrapped up (congrats!), you just keep on HGTV’ing all you want. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little Chip n’ Jo marathon. Shiplap on all the things! 🙂

  • Amazing links, as always, Billy! And OMG Popsicle Week!!! So excited rn.

  • cindy ensley

    Congraaaaaats on the book being DONE! I’m sure it’s amazing (also maybe a little nauseating?) feeling letting it go!! I’m SO EXCITED to see it, forreal. Also, way to let someone else touch your brows. I never have, like ever. Trust issues.

    PS #loveitdontlistit! and #whosthehottertwin? (Jonathan because he doesn’t wear shiny circa 2002 shirts, IMO, and puppies).

  • southernsouffle

    Hot Damn on the book been done! Get it boo! and that shit about the eyebrows had me laughing my ass off. #trustnoone

    PS- Thanks for the love.. I’ll totally send you some white lily flour to make your biscuit dreams come true. xoxo