Grocery List X: Snacks to eat while you watch Beyonce and her fan


Let’s be real: I have no interest in the superbowl this Weekend.

But I do have an interest in watching Beyonce perform. Even if I might already own this DVD that I can watch anytime. (p.s. I do and it’s fantastic)

When I was in grade school I never got to watch the superbowl because the teacher ALWAYS had our science fair project due the Monday after it. And I ALWAYS procrastinated until Superbowl Sunday to make the display board that I knocked out of the park every year.

I kid you not. I won third place when I was in 6th grade and my scientific portion was crap. But it looked awesome.

Back to Beyonce: Everyone needs snacks to eat while watching her perform with a giant fan. I want a Beyonce Fan.

HUMMUS! I’ve got this field covered, either classic hummus or cilantro lime.

Maybe you could make some tortilla chips to dip in there?

Is potato salad a thing at football Beyonce fan parties?

Cindy has this cheese dip that I want to use as a face mask but I probably shouldn’t do that.

Joy’s mini pretzel dogs look magical. I just remembered I have Costco polish dogs in the fridge…

AVOCADO FRIES. Touchdowns and full blast Beyonce fans for Megan.

How about little baby cheesecakes for dessert?

or maybe some Puppy Chow for humans from Kelly at The Best Remedy

What else are you having to prepare you for that jelly?

I leave you with this piece of grade school nostalgia, that I sing at the top of my lungs, every word, while driving in the car.

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