It’s actually just a light re-do to hold me over until I really want to get into it. Think of it as lipgloss and mascara, enough to make me look awake. Also there’s still some kinks so don’t try and click on my actual face because it probably wont go anywhere. Things were just getting so stale and I don’t like stale plus popsicle week is next week (!!!!!!) and I need to put pants on when company comes over.

This year is going to be even bigger than last year (65+ recipes) so your freezer shall never be empty. Also if you’re a blogger waiting for the second email it’s being sent today. Prepare your bodies, ring the alarm.

I don’t really ahve any plans for this weekend except for plan out popsicle week and actually shoot my ‘sicles soooo I can probably make like a quarter of these, but idk don’t hold me to that.

Coming in strong with drinks is Adrianna and these plum shandies. That’s actually my veiny handiwork in those photos so that means I definitely drank at least one of those glasses. They’re extremely good.

I have yet to let my body experience pimiento cheese for no reason other than the fact that I’m afraid I would eat an entire batch with a loaf of bread, #breadtomouth. Molly mayyy have just pushed me over the edge.

Sarah says we have to eat sundaes because it’s the weekend and I’m like yeah, okay, let’s not fight about it. (ALSO PEANUT BUTTER CARAMEL)

I secretly really love buckles because it’s basically cake that I think is healthy because there’s fruit on top. It’s science. Cindy probably know what I’m talking about with this cherry almond buckle.

The other day Steve mentioned he wanted to try cooking tofu and I said who are you what have you done with Steve tofu is not meat. If he is being serious then this tofu bahn mi from Megan might be a nice gateway.

I’m big on lime tarts so the boys at Probably This made me a thai inspired one! jk they didn’t know they made it for me but I’m still going to eat all of it.

Then I’ll wash it down with several of these watermelon slushies. But seriously I have a watermelon in my fridge right now that’s pretty much asking for this future.

Ceviche is my number one summer food craving because I can just lay out in the sun and eat a giant bowl and think it doesn’t have any calories. I like to think this shrimp cucumber salad from Sydney is like maybe a second cousin.

I’ve been craving shortcakes like crazy and these olive oil bebes smothered in whipped cream and sour cherries from Sarah sound crazy good.

Every day is taco tuesday in my house so obviously I need these roasted corn and crispy prosciutto cuties from Rachel and Lucy.

I despise frying but I love crsipy chicken wings and Stephanie has answered my prayers with spicy Thai oven fried chicken wings to eat with my thai lime pie.

I don’t really like the kombucha but I know my sister loves it. I think christmas will be a kit and a link to Tracy’s how to. I’m still intrigued/very scared by that scoby creature.

MORE SLUSHIES 4EVR, with Gab and his young coconut and dark chocolate slushie that’s just saying hey you, raspberry liqueur me.

Last but def not least is Erika with a very large plate of potato salad that I want all to myself. I am ashamed I’ve never put arugula in my potato salad now.

Music this week is the not super new Florence and the Machine that I’m still trying to get acquainted with, but it’s okay we keep going out and hitting it off. I actually haven’t watched this video but maybe there will be boobs.


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