Grocery List XVII // Wit & Vinegar

Finals are upon us. I’ve already written a couple papers and have another to write, along with an actual test. In my head though, somehow, it’s already summer and I may have already finished all my work.

This is a problem.

On top of finals I have to worry about house cleaning for family that’s coming this weekend for my commencement. I’m graduating. Just kidding, I’m walking, and going back for a final semester in the fall. Once again though my head is telling me that’s already happened, so, I guess I’m all done.

This weekend also involves a BBQ after my EIGHT AM COMMENCEMENT which will be awesome because it involves other friends that are graduating and family and potluck style goodness. Since there’s a crowd that’ll be following me around I’ve decided to bring a lot of food.

So far I have my blackberry pie bars, potato salad, and Megan’s Large Marge cookies planned out.

BBQ Potlucks aren’t for dieting.

I still need a couple more things to bring and luckily there’s these things called food blogs.

Before we get started with that though, I think I’m ready for this jelly:  jelly doughnut milkshake with booze. This is more of a sit at home and devour the entire thing by yourself sort of deal. Bless you Erika. (via Southern Souffle)

Now, back to the BBQ Potluck

Tracy has some drinks down pat. Vanilla. Pears. Vodka. Say no more. (via Shutterbean)

Jonathan has a fantastic post about fish and chips. I’m seriously considering taking those chips. (via The Candid Apetite)

Megan also has this babe of a salad with a spicy sriracha dressing. Tracy made this one. Yes yes and yes. (via Take a Megabite and Shutterbean)

What if like, last minute I need to make some mini hamburger buns? BOOM. 40 minute hamburger buns. from scratch. (via Katie at the Kitchen Door)

Joy just posted this genius idea. Imagine a giant bowl of this staring you in the face at a BBQ. If I had a nickel for every time I overstuffed something that’s supposed to roll or wrap (sushi, tamales, burritos and spring rolls included) I’d probably have about .70 (via Joy the Baker)

What if I need something icy cold like Theresa’s heart (housewife reference) because maybe it might be hot? Cindy’s got me covered with these ice pops. Mint and fruit were just meant to be together. (via Hungry Girl Por Vida)

For music I leave you with some magic from St. Lucia. They were one of the openers for Two Door Cinema Club When we went to see them last year on the really long Tuesday. This song is perfect for a BBQ where everyone’s been drinking and someone really needs to do some punchdancing. It’s also really great for just making salad and not wielding a knife around.

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