Twenty Twelve

Here it is: my 2012, in 2013, 9 days late.


2012 was real good to me. At first I couldn’t think of anything major that happened.

Sometimes I’m a little really slow.

Then I remembered I began the Instagram business at the beginning of the year and it all started coming back to me, like that camera they find at the end of the Hangover except there were no hookers, tigers, or drugs. That I instagrammed.


First up, I moved. Like all out stressful moved from one house to an apartment with Steve and Mose. It was magical. Not.

The new place though, it’s kind of ten thousand times better than the old place.


Speaking of Steve and Mose, 2012 was the first full year we were living together. And got to make random decisions to go to the beach or take a walk through the forest aka Jurrasic Park minus the dinosaurs.


My sister graduated High School!! My little sister is that old and I am that much older. We celebrated with Steve’s ceviche and beers.


A super awesome event that happened that I never got around to writing about was that beauty up there getting married. And myself getting fresh with her. Everything about that night was fantastic and so perfectly executed. That girl’s got talent. So does her husband.

The talented Laura Dart was the photographer. You can see her gorgeousness here.


Steve and I managed to get out of town a few times throughout the year which helps living in Humboldt County bearable during the school year. There were a couple trips to SF: one to visit the city during pride, my first time, and the other to see Two Door Cinema Club. Both trips were much needed and fabulous. Of course.

The other trip was to Fresno to see that piece of beauty up there perform. Miss Latriiiiice Royale.  If you aren’t aware of this magic then you need to be more aware of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Can I get an Amen?!

Latrice might have performed “Natural Woman” and I might have got a little emotional and there might have been a good amount of alcohol in me. Don’t judge.


Of course I shared what I did in Color and Design. Makin’ those collages.


No year would be complete without an excess of Mose pictures. That sweater he’s wearing is meant for a toddler. And he looks fab-u-lous.


My christmas gifting involved some blondies. And some sweet packaging I had fun with. Just in case anyone wants to know, complete closure with parchment paper that’s been taped doesn’t really package anything. When parchment paper promises to not let anything stick to it, it’s serious.

That second image is my christmas gift from my friend Anna. See that picture? and those caramels? She just gets me.


New Years Eve involved ugly christmas sweaters. And a photo booth with the above guests: crazy britney, beast jesus, raven symone, barak obama, and tiny chloe sevigny.


Testing 1,2,3.


And lastly my final instagram of 2012. My ugly christmas sweater creation, along with a glimpse of Steve’s. It’s amazing what you can create with a Hane’s sweatshirt, rhinestones and some ribbon. You’re welcome. *That second image is courtesy of Anna’s instagram. Follow it.

That’s my 2012! I’m stoked for 2013, excited about some projects and can’t wait to see what’s in store for me. Finger’s crossed it’s coffee and chocolate.

Side Note: notice how things look a little different?! I’ve done the whole move servers and go to WordPress thing and now the blog’s in that state of plastic surgery where the face is bandaged up and all you can see are the lips, maybe an ear.

An extreme makeover move that bus type moment just might be happening.

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