Grocery List XVIII // Wit & Vinegar

Oh, hello there, it’s been a while. Like a really long while. I haven’t posted because I’ve been so busy lounging around with no pants on eating nachos.


Short story: school and creative rut, the end. Just life happening, it’s all good. Besides that novel there were a few really great things happening:

Labor day brunch with my gurls Anna and Jen. I haven’t seen either one in what feels like forever and it was so good to just eat carbs and catch up.

A few weeks ago Steve and I went down to SF and I got to hang/eat dinner/shit shoot with my gurl Tracy. We had an awesome talk with good falafel then we walked around this crazy grocery store. It looked like this:

Grocery List XVIII // Wit & Vinegar

Tracy’s super awesome.

The other great thing involves the Joy the Baker Podcast and Mariah Carey. And a darechallenge. No big deal, I just SANG MARIAH CAREY’S FANTASY FOR EVERYONE’S EARS. Listen/don’t listen. But listen, and look for my photoshopping in the show notes.

Now that I’ve read you several short stories, we can slam down this grocery list:

First up is Tracy and some BREAKFAST TACOS that I need like a thousand of. (via Shutterbean)

Megan whipped up some lemon bars with a rosemary crust like it ain’t no thang. It’s a thang. (via Megabite)

Ashley went out and smashed some crispy kale between some tortillas with cheddar cheese and I WANT ALL OF IT. (via edible perspective)

Izy made me pancakes for one/half if I’m eating because I am a pancake tornado vacuum. Also she topped them with a nice smack of melted chocolate. She just gets me. (via Top WIth Cinnamon)

Gab used the last of the season peaches for an amaretti crumble. I love a good crumble. I love a good crumble even more if there’s a giant scoop of ice cream on top. (via The Artful Desperado)

Erika’s got the drank covered with a gin and ginger cocktail that I want to drink right now. At 11am. (via Southern Souffle)

Joy went and read my mind and made garlic dill pickles. She just knew I needed to make those before I break up with summer. (via Joy the Baker)

I’m only mildly obsessed with these lamb pita burgers Adrianna made. Mildly obsessed equals about 30 of them for dinner. (via A Cozy Kitchen)

Jessica went all cool girl and PUT ENCHILADAS INSIDE BELL PEPPERS. I love it, obviously. (via How Sweet It Is)

The fine ladies over at Dinner Was Delicious made savory waffles for Leslie Knope and took pictures that make my face want to explode. So much goodness in one post. (via Dinner was Delicious)

Nicole has some mini cheddar herb popovers that I could eat an entire batch of. (via Dula Notes)

Jonathan made challah. Insert challah holla joke. Gurl gots a braid that could give Lara Croft a run for her money. (via The Candid Appetite)

To top it all off, literally, we’ve got VEGAN KAHLUA HOT FUDGE SAUCE from Dana. I want to put it on everything, including my face. (via Minimalist Baker)

For music this week, I’ve got a sort of older song that I hadn’t heard in a while until Gab put it on his latest Artfully Happy Playlist and I listened to it about 20 times. It’s the perfect song to end summer with and you can totally listen to it while rollerskating around with cutoffs, a la Mariah Carey In Fantasy.

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  • I hope you had a great pantless and nachofull break, but I missed you. True story: while I was in California for vacay MC’s Fantasy came on the radio and of course I thought of you and definitely smiled. I also wish you were further south in California so we could have eaten some tacos or nachos together. But at least I had a Mariah moment with you, sort of. Thanks for the link love! Eating a whole batch is totally doable. I also love, love that picnic pic!!

    • I Know! I wish I were further down there too :/ Someday! We’ll hang and have a Mariah karaoke partay.

  • 1. OMG u guys, such cutiessss! And so jealous you got to hang.
    2. Good to see you back gurl
    3. Thanks for including me on your always awesome list
    4. I am blasting that song as I am moping ma pad. Rosario style.


    • I’m pretty sure I’m required to put you on the list when your posts are styled like a BOSS.

  • heeey! getting back in it with the blogging is hard…I feel ya.

    I wish I was lurking behind you and Tracy with the yogurt…so I could photobomb that shiz. PS…I love the print on yo shirt.

    • Thanks Gurl! Cheetah girlz 4evr. and YES TO PHOTOBOMB.

  • If it was my last day on earth, I would very likely pick everything on this list for my last day of eats. With extra helpings of the lemon bars and the cocktails. And then I’d have a bath in that hot fudge sauce. After it had cooled off a bit, obvi. Doesn’t that sound like a pretty great way to peace out?

  • Missed yooooou!

  • umm… so happy to have you back!! Totally jealous of your shopping trip with Tracey! Next I want in! LOL!

    Love the list this week!

    • YESS. Thanks Tieghan!

  • So cool that you got to meet shutterbean! I think I’ll add doing so to my bucket list 😀 Thanks for the share! Dat fudge is LEGIT


  • Love the kool-aid smile photo of you and Tracey!! These list are always what’s up…and “pancake tornado vacuum” has now been added to my list of ways to describe people..

    • THANK YOUU. I am one of those people.

  • You are all sorts of amazing. How gorgeous is that top photograph!? I bet hanging with Tracy was such fun!

    • Thanks Jade! It was a legit hang out.

  • I am SO late to this party. Unfashionably, I know. Which might explain the cat hair-covered fleece? Anyhoozybops… you, my friend, are a SUPAHSTAH for stepping up to the plate and pulling off the Mariah challenge! And SO well! G’on gurl! 🙂