Weekend Breakfast: Greek Yogurt Pancakes


I sort of have this thing I’ve started.
Nice breakfast on Saturday and/or Saturday.
More than just cereal or toast or the usual breakfast:


I have a go to recipe for pancakes, that I’ve posted about before.
These are not those pancakes.
These have Greek yogurt in them.

I’m kind of obsessed with Greek yogurt right now.

I can’t eat it by itself. I think it tastes like throw up.
But I can eat it in pancakes.
and ranch dressing.

These pancakes are easy.
Super easy.
And not too bad on the healthy train.

There’s no butter.
no canola oil.
no lard.

Just non-fat Greek yogurt, eggs, milk, and the dry ingredients.

They’re tangy and moist and similar in consistency to a pancake house pancake.
But not. Steve said, “like vanilla yogurt.”

That makes sense.

Above I have them with warm Strawberry Jam that I have yet to blog about making.
It’ll happen.
I had them this morning with Pure Maple Syrup.
Fact: A good source for affordable pure maple syrup: Target.

Also I have tater tots for breakfast. With my pancakes.
Because I love tater tots.

I might be planning on breakfast burritos.
With tater tots.

I need to get on that.

Greek Yogurt PancakesĀ 
fromĀ Macheesmo
Makes a lot of pancakes, to serve at least 4.

1 c flour
3 T sugar
2 t baking soda
1 t salt

2 c Greek yogurt

4 eggs
1 t vanilla
1/4 c milk

In a large bowl mix all the dry ingredients.

In a smaller bowl mix together the wet, minus the yogurt.

Add the yogurt to the dry ingredients, then the wet to that.

Make some pancakes.
in a pan
with some butter

Serve with warm strawberry jam and whipped cream or maple syrup.

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