Grocery List 33 // Wit & Vinegar

It’s that time of year again where people everywhere freak out over being single or together or chocolate or whatever aka the big v-day. I’m always just meh about all of it. While some love it and others loathe the idea I’m just sitting over here eating a bunch of brownies making valentine’s  for Steve based of the trashy tv we like to watch. I actually get a little excited about it. I figured since it is the day of love and making out with sugar I’d round up some sweet goodness for this week’s grocery list. Cue my dance song:

First up is Nicole with the waffle donut hybrid of my dreams. Plusss there’s the prettiest of blood orange icing, so, win-win. (via Dula Notes)

Dana went and made mini vegan cheesecakes because MINI CHEESECAKES. I should probably suggest that you double them because I would probably eat an entire batch myself. Mini means you can eat more. (via Minimalist Baker)

Not only did Megan give us salted Caramel that I want to Nigella Lawson but she put it between some vanilla shortbread and fresh marshmallow cream and I can’t handle it. (via Take a Megabite)

Adrianna is pushing me even further into the need for a waffle maker with double chocolate waffles. I need one like whoa like I need these bebes. (via A Cozy Kitchen)

RITZ, CHOCOLATE, STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM. aka how to make friends with anyone unless you’re that wal-mart cashier that questioned my life when I bought some fudge dipped ritz. It’s okay, I handled the situation with one of these. (via Joy the Baker)

Jon is going all out for his Valentine with pistachio eclairs. I mean, pistachio everywhere eclairs. Little does he know I’m breaking into his house and taking all of them. (via The Candid Appetite)

Tracy’s just trying to get me to make dessert nachos with these cinnamon sugar tortilla chips. It doesn’t help that they’re supa cute and heart shaped. (via Shutterbean)

SPRANKS for your valentine. Cindy went and put them all over these cute bebe cupcakes. (via Hungry Girl Por Vida)

Jessica is trying to make the moves on me with a crispy croissant sundae. Crispy buttery goodness smothered in chocolate. Jessica please, it would never work out. (via How Sweet it Is)

I have ramonaeyes for Izy always but especially this week because not only did she turn 18, Happy Birthday Gurl!, buuut she announced her new cookbook that’s coming out in the fall. Pew pew pew confetti thing emoji! GET IT. Also everyone else, get this chocolate peanut butter layer cake. Popcorn’s invovled. (via Top with Cinnamon)

Not only did Sarah make nutella ice cream but she went and shoved it into a brioche roll. I can only imagine how many hearts that would win over. (via The Sugar Hit)

Natalie went and did one of those things where she made her own of something that is very readily available right now and NOW I NEED ALL THE HOMEMADE SOMOA’S. (via Wee Eats)

Steph made one of Steve’s favorites with pistachio ice cream. Then she threw in dark chocolate and candied bacon bits for good measure. Good thinking Steph. (via Girl Versus Dough)

Erika has all the drinks covered with some rapping involved. I’ll take several of these thank you. (via Southern Souffle)

Delicious looking heart topped cake? Check. Cute pink Frosting? Check. Molly’s gif of what it looks like when I eat anything? Check and Check. (via My Name is Yeh)

Stephanie went and made one of my favorite pies and turned it into french toast. YES I’LL BE YOUR VALENTINE. (via i am a food blog)

For music this week I stuck with the luuuv theme and am giving you some classic Mariah because she has a new single out and I’m still eh about it and this one has a wedding gown train that could Rapunzel’s weave a run for it’s money. Practice the words, go out and buy a wedding gown and sing this to someone special.

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  • woot! let’s be valentines! and, um, i just spent over half an hour watching mariah videos (:

    • LET’S!! Also she’s a total you tube vortex.

  • YES! Your list could turn a Valentine’s Day hater into a lover. SO much goodness. I love your pistachio pic and I can’t wait to see you Nigella Lawson Megan’s salted caramel.

    • I think it just really needs to happen.

  • That cake Izy made is too legit to quit.. and those waffles.. whoa.. Thanks for including me.. Happy Valentines to you and Cheers to wind machines, Indian Remy 1b weaves and wedding gown trains.. 🙂

    • yaaass! come over and bring some drank and I’ll supply some nachos.

  • ramonaeyes <– BEST GIF EVER.

    Also this might be the best list, ever. GIMME ALL DEM DESSERTS.

  • Donut.. waffles? It’s like breakfast inside of a breakfast – breakfast inception? I need it.

    I also think I need to make those marzipan hearts to add to my almond-cherry valentine dessert that I made. Adorable and delicious (and conveniently the correct flavor profile). Will have to do pantry-raiding when I get home.

    You should make the samoas! They’re so easy and delicious <3 Meanwhile I need to make those caramel marshmallow cookie bars because, um, yeah. I need to. I also need to show my fiance that picture of Nigella because he will PROBABLY (definitely) lose his MIND over it. He thinks she's the bees knees.

    Side note: yesterday I stopped at the grocery store in the wee hours of the morning when I was en route to work and the two stock-dudes were discussing Mariah's new single and how they didn't like it much and how she needed to update her style or something while stocking the apples in the produce section… I still haven't checked it out myself… is it weird that hearing about it being underwhelming makes me want to listen to it MORE instead of less? TO THE YOUTUBES!!!

    • hahaha leo dicaprio get out of my head! The samoas are definitely on my to do list. I made some lemon bars the other day and the crust was so flaky and amazing but the filling was blah so I might just throw out the lemon and douse it in caramel! Also that mariah discussion makes me very happy.

  • Thanks for the double love with these last two link lists! It’s kinda like a virtual Valentine. I hope your day is full of throw-back Mariah jams. #kissyfaceemoji

    • of course gurrrl!! mariah always!

  • LOVE pistachios! Those eclairs look so yummy and so does the ice cream. And I love the butter cracker ice cream sandwiches. And shutterbean’s cinnamon tortilla chips are the perfect little treat!

    • those ice cream sandwiches make me weak in the knees!

  • As always this is the best list! Love all the desserts this week! 🙂

  • I made the mistake of reading this while working at a super quiet music venue, so I got some RAMONA EYES when I was trying to cover my giggling with a cough. THANKS!

  • You’re the coolest. Being a part of this list makes me feel like I’m one of the Pink Ladies from Grease. Take that as you will.

  • Lovin it all!!!
    Aren’t those salted caramel bars with the toasted marshmallows just CRAZZY??!?

  • bahaha you are the best. i wanna eat it all. and my fingers hurt about the thought of you shelling all of those pistachios…

    • It’s the combo of shelling with the salt that really does wonders for my fingertips.

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  • Seriously need to get myself a waffle maker. These thangs are making a comeback and I can’t stand not jumping on board!