Grocery List XVI // Wit & Vinegar

Since the last grocery list I’ve managed to make more ice cream.

I was being serious about that sending help part. Consider this my flare gun ice cream S.O.S.

Over the weekend I made Cindy’s roasted strawberry ice cream and then I stood there at the freezer eating it fresh out of the machine. I have no regrets.

Cindy also just posted this new popsicle. I need it. Now. My frozen treat love knows no bounds. (via Hungry Girl Por Vida)

And as if that wasn’t enough I plan on making this Strawberry Buttermilk Sherbet (WHAT?!!!) and ice cream jesus David Lebovitz’ SALTED BUTTER CARAMEL ICE CREAM. Sorry ’bout it. (via my recipes and David Lebovitz)

Also one more: FRESH MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP (via Dula Notes)

Okay. I’m done.

For dinner this last week, I made this. Then I instagrammed it. It was super good. Somehow Steve found italian sausage in the fridge and we had it in the leftovers and it was super good again.  True Story. (via Shutterbean)

Izy made doughnuts. Then she made a video of her making said doughnuts and I almost punched a wall out of excitement. Maybe I ate more ice cream. Izy, please start signing your posts with xoxo, gif wizard. (via Top with Cinnamon)

Joy made this babe of a bundt cake, aka how to effortlessly impress a crowd by making a cake without making a cake. Insert Ina: “How easy is that?” (via Joy the Baker)

TRES LECHES PANCAKES. I just. I just can’t handle it. (via edible perspective)

Erika has some Michelada wings. I’ve never had a straight up Michelada before but just the thought makes me have this sour face of dislike. These wings make that sour frown turn upside down. Into a smile. These wings make me happy. (via Southern Souffle)

I’ve attempted falafel before with great disappointment. These bad boys from Minimalist Baker look like a nice place of redemption and a good way to balance out the loads of ice cream I’m consuming. (via Minimalist Baker)

For music this week I leave you with new business from Phoenix. They just released their new album last week and it excites me greatly. This is summer music at it’s finest and I can’t wait to BBQ and dance to this at the same time, all while freaking Mose out.

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