Grocery List XVIII // Wit & Vinegar


I had my jk commencement on Saturday. I say jk because I still have a few classes to finish in the fall, but now that parts over and I don’t have to wear that sister act costume with the hat that leaves an imprint on my forehead ever again.


This phallic peace was not my doing. It was totally Anna. Totally proper.

The BBQ went over great and the food was fantastic. I stuck with the plans from the previous grocery list and added an anything goes pesto pasta salad and a pitcher of mint grapefruit margaritas.

Megan’s Large Marge cookies were seriously the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve probably ever made. My brother busted into the cookie dough while it was chillin’ in the fridge and said it was the best cookie dough he’s ever had.

Basically make these cookies right now.

And that bad boy up there is leftover cookies + coconut ice cream that Steve makes melded together to make an ice cream sandwich baby that I wish we had more of.

Now that summer’s here I can have more happy hours and possibly drink in the afternoon. I’m not an alcoholic, it’s just when the opportunity pops up to have a cocktail and shove BBQ in my face I’m going to take it. Real life.

I already shared that strawberry rhubarb vodka earlier this week, and I’ve got a peach batch brewing but not brewing in the cupboard right now. Not an alcoholic.

Besides the booze though I’ve got my eyes on some good food.

Things like ice cream, duh. Megan made this super chocolatey goodness that I want to slather in melted peanut butter and wear as a hat and take bites of it all day. Somebody invent an ice cream hat. (via Take a Megabite)

Maybe one of these mornings I should make myself some breakfast. Noelle made this sexy frittata. Because I like a good frittata and good frittatas like me. (via xo breakfast)

If I’m not feeling the frittata though, there’s always the stuffed french toast route. I know. Erika deserves a high five for this one. Get it! (via Southern Souffle)

I was going to link up these date newtons and say something about the old man inside me but then I was like, uh, probably shouldn’t. But then I did anyway. (via The Flourishing Foodie)

I’ve got a boatload of strawberries burning a hole in my fridge. I think this strawberry syrup would be perfect to use them up. Then I would take that strawberry syrup and then douse everything in it. (via Oh, Ladycakes)

Ashley just posted this bowl of salad heaven. It’s perfect timing, because I feel like that ice cream hat is really going to wreak havoc on my thighs. (via edible perspective)

I usually don’t like sweet potatoes unless they’re in the form of a tater tot. Let’s face it though, any carb would be delicious as a tater not tater tot. I feel like these black bean and sweet potato burgers can be added to the list of exceptions of sweet potato dislike. (via Cookie and Kate)

And lastly, in case my strawberry hole in the fridge doesn’t stop burning: (yes I just wrote that sentence) STRAWBERRY AND CHOCOLATE MARBLE LOAF. (via A Cozy Kitchen)

strawberry hole.

hashtag strawberry hole. make it happen.

For music this week I leave you with one of the songs from Daft Punk’s newest album that’s probably all over the radio. I can’t stop listening to it and doing my try and be sexy suave dance. Summer’s here you guys.

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