Spicy Tuna Remix!

I like a good tuna sandwich. I don’t want it dripping with mayonnaise and have the only ingredients be crappy non albacore tuna and mayo with a ton of salt. Usually my tuna sandwiches consist of solid white albacore, a little mayo, a bloop of dijon, some pepperoncinis, thawed frozen peas, and slivered almonds. It’s amazing. Try it sometime.

Every once in a while I like to veer off the trail/road of my go to tuna, and slam right into something even more different. This might include basil and Parmesan or old bay and onions. This time I decided to remix my tuna sandwich into a spicy Asian tuna sandwich. It was fantastic, and it’s actually healthy.

I had bought some chili garlic paste and sesame oil, both of which are kind of pricey and rarely called for, but they have no substitutes, and were needed for a stir fry dish. I arrived home from school and decided I would have tuna for dinner, because it’s fast and easy, and since I had just used these “special” ingredients the day before, I would incorporate them into the tuna.

Also included in the sandwich; alfalfa sprouts. They’re an incredible addition to sandwiches and salads, and they seem to never end. Does anyone else have other uses for these?

And lastly, I had Sun Chips to accompany my sandwich, only because they’re probably one of the best kind of chips, ever. But I believe Sun Chips have some splainin’ to do. They have new compostable bags. And don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the earth and recycling as much as the next person in Humboldt, but these bags are awful. They have the worst sound. Seriously, next time you’re in the store, roll by and just poke the bag. I have witnessed someone loading their groceries actually stop and poke the bag to make sure they heard correctly. Sun Chips knows this is a problem because they have a spot on the back that says these bags are loud because they are compostable. I kid you not. So, just throwing it out there. The chips are awesome but the bags are obnoxious. Catch 22.

Spicy Asian Tuna Sandwich

2 6oz cans Solid, or chunk, white albacore tuna
3 T mayo
1 T Soy Sauce
1/2 t chili garlic paste*
1/2 t sesame oil*
1 carrot grated
1 t toasted sesame seeds
a little s&p
Combine all ingredients and serve onĀ  toasted sesame buns or some good wheat bread with sprouts. And don’t forget the great Sun Chips with the gross new bags.

*both of the ingredients pack a punch in either flavor or spice, so use sparingly

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