Best Mom Ever + Mimosa 2.0

That woman up there is my mother.

That chipmunk/human mutant hybrid in her arms is me.
Before I make note of how awesome she is, I would like everyone to take note of her awesome 90s shirt. Stripes and polka dots on that pocket + I spy some color blocking shoulders. Girl’s got it happening.
Looking for this picture made me realize how little pictures I have of her and I together. and how long it’s been since I’ve seen her. That needs to change.
Basically, my mom is the best. She’s shown me nothing but love and support, through just about everything I’ve wanted to do. I know there were times as a kind when I was a real class A pain in the ass, and I’m sure there still is, but she did everything she needed to do to make me the fabulous young man I am today.
She always knows how to make me laugh, she had to perfect awkward response when I came out to her, and she makes one hell of a taco salad. All three – very important things.
Just in case you were wondering mom, you did everything perfectly, you really are the best, and I love you. Expect a phone call real soon.
I hope everyone has an awesome weekend/mother’s day and if you get the chance and you’re of age have some brunch, aka morning alcohol time, and let her tell embarrassing stories from your childhood or just relax and get tipsy together.
a little something something to help with that after the jump…

Mimosa’s are usually just the straight forward orange juice and champagne. Instead of that, spruce them up a bit with an inexpensive bubbly wine (our favorite is yellow tail’s moscato) and a few different juices or fruit nectar’s. Top that with a squeeze of lime or grapefruit and you have something that you could easily serve at a brunch.

To get tipsy with your mom.

A quick suggestion would be no matter what juice/nectar you’re using, put it in nice glass bottles or measuring cups to serve. Treat yo’ self.

Also a quick tip – Target has that yellow tail moscato in large bottles for $12. So, now you can have 2 or 3 of these.

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