GROCERY LIST XXV // Wit & Vinegar

So, I was supposed to have this up Friday morning and then something happened. It starts with O and rhymes with Orange is the New Black. Seriously, that show. It’s so good. It reminds me a lot of weeds, but it’s still good because it hasn’t gone on for several seasons. It’s all on Netflix, and each episode is about an hour long so this happened several nights:

Me: I think it’s time for bed. What time is it, like 12:30?

Steve: It’s 3 am.

Me: Crap.

And that’s why it’s Sunday and I’m just getting this to you. We finished the final episode last night, I can’t wait for season 2, so there will be no more interruptions unless my watching of The Hills starts to get really intense. Newsflash: it won’t. I know what Kristin Cavallari looks like when she’s yelling and I think the Jäger guzzling playmate is gone for good. Take those judgmental eyes and turn them towards someone else.

First up on this weeks grocery list is Shauna with a LEMON MERINGUE PIE SUNDAE. You guys that’s like, my favorite pie, piled on top of ice cream. Naturally, I screamed at my computer. (via Piece of Cake)

Megan made us some BANANA BREAD PANCAKES for breakfast then threw some pesto wraps our way for lunch. Gurl knows what’s up. (via Take a Megabite)

Even though I scream for ice cream, and pancakes, I love me a giant salad. Cindy made everyone an asian slaw steak salad that promises to punch you in the face. Obviously I want in on that. (via Hungry Girl Por Vida)

Izy threw down some No-Churn Pistachio, Mint + Olive Oil Fudge Brownie Ice Cream like it’s going out of style. I mean, all those flavors in my face? I wouldn’t even know how to react. I would most likely throw one of the ice cream cones against the wall in excitement then devour the rest. (via Top with Cinnamon)

How do I love Adrianna? Let me count the ways: Fancy Ass Tuna MeltFancy Ass Blueberry TartHomemade Oranger Sherbet. Voom voom shebang. (via A Cozy Kitchen)

Stephanie whipped up some Thai shrimp fried rice that I’m afraid to tell Steve about or else we might be eating it every day of the week. (via Girl Versus Dough)

Dana made some vegan snickers. Then she made vegan snickers ice cream. Then we became friends all over again. (via Minimalist Baker)

My taco seasoning inspired Joy to make charred corn tacos. Then she made everyone watermelon strawberry citrus sangria that I just want to bathe my face in. Right now. (via Joy the Baker)

Erika joined Cindy on the salad express this week with a warm chicken salad with nectarines and peppers and how to cope with post vacation back to work blues with Hulu and desk hiding. I also want in on that. (via Southern Souffle)


Finishing up the roundup is Tracy with Watermelon Cucumber Popsicles. She dips them in alcohol.  End of story. (via Shutterbean)

Speaking of popsicles, popsicle week is coming In a few weeks!! Get ready.

For the music this week we’re funking it up with some newish Janelle Monàe for two reasons. The song, with drag queen references, and the more than on point styling. MTV True Life: I would wear all that if I were a woman.

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