Grocery List III

I have Saturday and Sunday off.
From work. Not school.
Photographs abound this weekend.

Also, Newsflash:
Pumpkin Madness everyone. Pumpkin Madness.

I also plan on gutting and roasting my own pumpkin instead of the canned stuff.
Why would I do this?
Here’s one reason.
+ my friend Jennifer told me that it’s far superior to the canned stuff. Dammit.

So I need to go find a sugar pumpkin. and do some work.
I made pumpkin butter. And I still owe the blog the recipe. Or my first born/possibly adopted child.
I’ll try my best to go the recipe route.
I like to put it on everything.
Maybe even a dessert pizza this weekend.

I’m not kidding.

Even if it’s bad, I’ll let you know how it turns out. Because it’s the thought that counts.


Anyways, busy busy in the kitchen:

Carbs in my face – Meat, cream, cheese, and pasta. It’s called weeknight bolognese but I like to assume it can be made on the weekend. (via Ezra Pound Cake)

Pumpkin + the best thing ever – I know I already posted this link, but I will devour an entire batch of rice krispie treats before anyone even knows they were made. True Story. (via The Kitchn)

More Carbs -I have yet to make an actual yeast bread. I think this ciabatta bread will be the first attempt. (via The Kitchn)

Christmas Presents, In November – Look out Costco, I’m coming for your booze, and hopefully your less expensive vanilla beans. (via Joy the Baker)

Since Grocery List I & II both ended with music choices of sorts, I shall leave you with some more kitchen music. They’re called GROUPLOVE. They were one of the opening gigs for the TDCC concert a while back, and it turns out they’re kind of amazing live/doing anything. And they were an incredibly large amount of fun. Even if Steve wasn’t a fan.

PS. I hate sweet potatoes with a fiery passion. I’ve tried. It’s not happening. Just thought my cold heart should let you all know that.

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