Grocery List XXIV // Wit & Vinegar

First up let me say, Mose has eyeballs. Big brown eyeballs he tries to use all the time to get a graham cracker. This picture makes him look like that guy from the mummy that just had the eye sockets that had to steal eyeballs from other people. This is not the case with Mose. He’s laying out looking all fab with his cute little eyebrows on an insanely bright beach day.

Now we can get back to grocery listin’.

I’ve been craving a pulled pork sandwich like they were going out of style and it looks as though Erika saw my pulled pork signal and gave me the sandwich with cane syrup in the sauce. Note to self: investigate the grocery store for cane syrup. (via Southern Souffle)

Top with Cinnamon turned two! Happy birthday Izaay! That’s my impression of the girls on The Only Way is Essex during the commercial when they say Happy Birthday Law-ren and Steve and I laugh every time because it’s an amazingly confusing show and everyone’s soo tan. Anyways, Izy celebrated with a no bake cake MADE OUT OF PANCAKES and the most perfect frost job ever. How cool would those cakes be for a brunch? It’s like, Hello celebration! (via Top with Cinnamon)

Megan whipped up some goodness for breakfast with these dreamy orange scented chocolate chip bagels. I tweeted about them and then referenced Hillary Duff/Lizzie McGuire when she goes to Italy and pretends to be that superstar. Lizzie McGuire was my jam. (via Take a Megabite)

Adrianna made us a raspberry buttermilk pie and coffee ice cream for a boozy milkshake. I’m trying to figure out how to get fireworks that spell her name. (via A Cozy Kitchen)

Gluten Free Crepes. Green Tea. White Chocolate Coconut Filling. Voom Voom Shebang. (via Minimalist Baker)

Tracy made some buckle business and made everyone these cookies. Like Whoa. Cookies big enough for Buster hands. Whoa whoa whoa. (via Shutterbean)

Brown butter + dutch baby + roasted vanilla pears = what I’m having this weekend for breakfunch. (via Girl Versus Dough)

Joy has the fluffiest looking waffles with a lemon ricotta poppy seed theme going on. Leslie Knope would totally approve. (via Joy the Baker)

I have yet to find sour cherries anywhere but when I get my hands on them, they’re definitely being made into mini hand pies. Because, well, duh. (via Dula Notes)

The last bit of goodness this week comes from my new favorite blog: Dinner Was Delicious. Gorgeous images, f-bombs, hilarious writing. These gurls got it going on. They also have avocado pesto. Let me Oprah voice that for you: AVOCAAAAADOO PESTOOOO. (via Dinner Was Delicious)

UPDATE!!: I almost forgot mah boy Gabriel made this Nutella Eton Mess with Sour Cherry Compote. It should have alternatively been titled how to properly style an Eton Mess. Seriously killer styling and design. I can’t get over it. (via The Artful Desperado)

For music this week I give you the latest bit from Grouplove. I love this video for two reasons: It’s fantastic and one of the guys in the band looks just like Ron Swanson with long hair and it makes me happier than it probably should.

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  • Oh ma’ word. That whole video makes me happy. The kid steals the show. I want that pancake cake!

    • right?! such a good video and that pancake cake is the best breakfast birthday surprise anyone could ask for.

  • Izy

    okay I’m only like 20 seconds into the video and I’m already like ‘I NEED TO GET THIS ONTO MY IPHONE ASAP’ (hahah referring back to the last grocery list, now I’m imagining Ramona saying that and it works so well). Plus the Ron Swanson dude? Yes. HELLO.

    That breakfast buckle makes me want to cry with breakfasty happiness. I would eat SO much of that, with a side of the waffles and crepes porrrr favor.

    aaaand cheers for the blog birthday love dude! (p to the s, TOWIE is the most confusing show on the planet, and I promise most British people aren’t that fake tanned…unless they’re chavs.)

    • bahahahaha get it on yo phone Ramona! I also need that buckle and TOWIE, which I’m calling it forever and always now, I just can’t even get started on it’s magic.

  • EEH!! Thank youuu for including me on your mighty list of goodies from ze webz. Oh love the song! New favorite. Holla!

    • I just had to put you on there! Those nutella meringues look legitttt.

  • I love every part of this post. Well done.

  • That was some major pancake cake realness that I need to get up on stat. I feel like I’m sitting at the cool kids table during lunch every time you include me. It’s a dope feeling! 🙂

    • So you agree? You think you’re pretty?

  • thanks for the share, love! I’m simply smitten with your pooch and your use of the phrase “voom voom shebang.”

    • he’s smitten with you too!

  • Melissa

    Thanks for admitting to loving Lizzie McGuire. She was my secret shame for years, but now I’m out and proud!

  • Love the Leslie Knope reference! And now I’m thinking about those waffles again, thanks. 🙂

    • haha Leslie Knope is mah gurl!