Stephen Shore: Uncommon Places

When Steve and I first started dating he came to visit and heard me mention my artistic hard on for Stephen Shore while I was editing some photos for a project. He made a note and bought one of the best christmas presents I’ve received in probably forever.Apparently he’s really good at surprises. And listening. And buying christmas presents. No big deal.Stephen Shore is one of the greatest photographers of all time. He knows his way around a color photograph. I swear some of his images have almost sent me into convulsions of excitement. This monograph is filled with just gorgeous photos that prove that and below I’ve picked out some of my favorites. Go pick yourself up a copy or gift it to someone. Just see what happens.Also fun fact: the photo on the cover is Eureka. From when Eureka was a popular city.Also fact#2: J.CREW casually sells this in their suit store. Just in case my push to get it wasn’t enough.  Also last fact: That final photo of that girl down there in the pool might just be one of my all time favorites.

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