MInt & Grapefruit Sorbet // Wit & Vinegar

You guys, I have a confession: I had to dig my ice cream maker out of a box.

Like climb over boxes, find it, dust it off, almost Lord of the Rings adventure dig out my ice cream maker because I haven’t used it since we’ve moved. That means it’s been over a year since it’s been used. A WHOLE YEAR WHERE I COULD HAVE BEEN MAKING THIS SORBET.

This is the part where Sally Fields has that moment in Mrs. Doubtfire where she says “the whole time?” But instead she questions me with “A whole year? A whole year? A WHOLE YEAR?!” I’m sorry Sally Fields. I won’t do it again.

MInt & Grapefruit Sorbet // Wit & Vinegar

Because this sorbet, IT’S SUMMER IN A GLASS.

I became obsessed with grapefruit about a year ago when I had my first greyhound. Then I made a grapefruit mint margarita. And my face almost exploded off from the greatness. And then my obsession became even greater when I was googling grapefruit sorbet at 9 in the morning. I found this recipe and told everyone on facebook.

Then I ran upstairs wanting to shout “grapefruit sorbet for everyone!” from my bedroom window but I held it together and dug up the ice cream maker so I could throw it in the freezer.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Billy did you try and put alcohol in your sorbet? The answer is yes. It was vodka, a la greyhound. The tricky thing with putting alcohol in frozen treats is that it doesn’t let them freeze completely if there’s too much. I couldn’t taste the 1/3 cup at all and I got no buzz from it but the consistency was a little more icy than I would have liked. That doesn’t mean I won’t try some tequila at some point in time. (plus Cindy says a Tablespoon or so helps the sorbet stay a little softer)

MInt & Grapefruit Sorbet // Wit & Vinegar

Another question you’re probably thinking: Billy, do I have to use fresh grapefruit? The answer is, once again, yes. I went America’s Test Kitchen on you all and used fresh juice and good quality bottled juice and there was a definite difference in fresh tasting. Plus the fresh juice is more of a grapefruit color, less grayish Voldemort skin. Use bottled juice and I’ll hunt you down and pelt you with a grapefruit. Show some respect.

And your final question: Billy, mint and grapefruit? Are you sure about that? I mean, that sounds weird. My answer to that is yes, shut your mouth, you sound weird. There’s just enough mint to say you put it in there. It’s insanely refreshing and the smell is so out of control that I shoved as much of my face that would fit in that little opening at the top of the ice cream maker while the sorbet was churning.

I imagine this tastes like what it feels like to have a giant thing of gatorade dumped on you. I bet that’s invigorating, but messy. You should probably make this instead.

Mint & Grapefruit Sorbet

slightly adapted from How Sweet It Is

makes a little over a quart

Shortest Ingredient List Ever:

4 c freshly squeezed grapefruit juice (it took me 6 large grapefruits)

1 c white sugar

8-10 fresh mint leaves

In a medium saucepan, combine 1 c of the grapefruit juice, the sugar, and the mint leaves. Bring to a simmer, remove from heat and make sure all the sugar’s disolved, let the mint steep for 5 minutes.

Strain out the mint and add mixture back to the remaining 3 c of juice. Put in freezer to get extra cold, 30-45 min, then follow manufacturers instructions on freezing in machine.

I use this bad boy and I let it go for about 20-25 min. ps, if you’re looking to buy one check out Costco. I’ve seen the Cuisinart Ice Cream makers for a pretty reasonable deal before.

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