Chili Fixings


That was my soup nazi impression.

I made chili a week or so ago. I instagrammed it. I wasn’t crazy about the chili.

What I was crazy about was that little addition of the base to the new anatomy of a chili bowl.

The usual chili bowl consists of chili, some business on top and cornbread or garlic bread or warm tortillas.

I’ve recently discovered these microwavable bags of brown rice and I could high five the person that came up with that idea. I didn’t make any cornbread or garlic bread and I forgot about the tortillas. I wanted a little extra somethin’ with my chili so I cooked up a bag and divided it between a couple of bowls and topped it with chili.

It adds a nice flavor, gives you some fiber, and makes the chili stretch a little further.

It dresses it up. It makes a chili bowl. Now, you make your own.

First off, the Base: Something to throw the chili over. I went with brown rice, but some other ideas I had were another grain like quinoa, or maybe polenta? How about a little macaroni? Maybe a sort of side base of tortilla chips? baked potato? Endless possibilities.

the Chili itself: Like I said I wasn’t crazy impressed with my chili, but I rounded up some of my favorite bloggers chili for you:

Beef Chili with some awesome biscuits, via Smitten Kitchen
Spicy Vegetarian Chili, via Joy the Baker
Tyler Florence’s Ultimate Chili, not a blogger but it’s Tyler Florence, via Epicurious

CHEESE!: This is important, it goes on before the cooling agent, so if it’s a melting cheese it can melt. or else you just have shredded cheese that’s not ooey melty hanging from your chin. I used one of my favorite cheeses, cotija, but you can do whatever cheese you want. Cheddar, pepper jack or even some parmesan if you have it.

Cooling Agent: Something to take the heat down a notch. I used avocado. I could eat avocado on everything. Of course, there’s sour cream, orrrr greek yogurt is awesome. You could also use a little drizzle of honey if the spice gets up there.

Not Pictured – More business on top: I love to top off chili with some green onions or raw white onions.

Chili is one of those things that can be eaten kind of all year round. Summer BBQs and cold winter nights. Or Spring. Like right now. Make some.

I wanna know, how do you serve your chili?!

Also find me on instagram – witandvinegar. All you Android users have it now. Get on it. Show me your chili.

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