Grocery List IX

grocery-list-9For the next week I’ll be cooking for one. That handsome man up there will be down south visiting family for a week and all I get to do is let Mose sleep in the bed.

side note: Mose is an ass when it’s time to sleep and he just stands and stares over you until you move the covers back.

With Steve gone it sucks because a) he’s gone, and b)I have to cook for one and try to not waste food. Usually I just stick with salads when I cook for myself, I can kind of set up a little salad bar in the fridge and have at it. I made these beans last night and added a healthy dose of taco seasoning. I think they might be made into refried beans tonight for tostadas.

For the rest of the time he’s gone I think I’m going to make whatever and give leftovers to people at work. I can’t live off salads for a week. Although I probably should.

or I could just live off Megan’s chili for a week. I’m sure I could totally do that. (via Take a Megabite)

This soup looks like it might actually make the menu this weekend, with a boatload of bacon and avocado. Muchos Gracias, Hungry Girl. (via Hungry Girl Por Vida)

Um, anything gravy would make me happy but I’m really feeling this tomato gravy. Breakfast for dinner for one? Yes please. (via Saveur)

With Steve gone I can also experiment with foods and not feel bad if they don’t turn out 110%. That man loves his chicken fingers so these are going to have to happen, then appear in salads and wraps. (via How Sweet It Is)

I’ve got the sweets department covered. I’m whipping up blondies to photograph and share with everyone. And I’m going to try and not eat the entire batch. We’ll see what happens.

And back to traditional Grocery Lists: I’ve got some kitchen music. Some really good punchdancing music. Twin Shadow is beyond excellent cooking music. I can just swing arms all over listening to it and mixing blondie dough. I originally got hooked on this beauty from their latest album (+ that video is out of control), but I then listened to the whole album which is awesome and this song happens to be one of my favorites:

Now punchdance your weekend away.

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