Grocery List II

Once again, I have failed the blog. No new food posts. What the hell?

I’ll tell you what happened:
 – Gross school.
 – 2 jobs.
 – & a circus of a time selling my old car for something not as old.

I would like to think that these aren’t all necessities, But it turns out I need #3 for #2 and #1 to divide #2 in half someday. Buut all 3 allows me to have my trip to SF this weekend be necessity.

Suck it logic.

Steve and I get to see one of my all time favorites: Two Door Cinema Club. And we couldn’t be happier about it.

We also get to celebrate our 1 year of driving each other up a freakin’ wall.

Win Win.

So this weekend, I get to drive down to the bay area, shove my face full of food goodness + enjoy a few days with my man + see an amazing concert + shopping H&M, Forever 21, and Pac Suns to go use mah discounts in  + pretend I don’t have school on Monday.

If I weren’t going out of town though, and I didn’t work or have to mow the lawn or clean the house, this is what would be happening:

Something new with spaghetti – These are all “kid friendly”. I don’t have any kids. But I have a dog, and he loves carbs. Maybe he’d like a spaghetti taco? (via Real Simple)

Banana Walnut Waffles – This would be breakfast for Saturday and Sunday. Don’t judge. (via Joy the Baker)

I would can something – Because it’s the cool thing to do now. Plus I’m out of Strawberry Jam. (via Real Simple)

Carne Asada Something – I have been craving carne asada like nobody’s business. (via Tyler Florence)

That’s probably enough for now. I don’t want to get too crazy. But I’ll leave you with what I get to soak in tonight. and it’s not that creepy freeze frame You Tube decided to pick.

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